Plexiglass door rely on LEDs to go eco-friendly


Making a flashy glass door requires more than skill and innovation, it requires time and dedication. But if the final result is such, at least I won’t mind giving it a try. For making a similar LED, transparent glass door, one will have to start with the glass first, lets see what’s used in the picture above – A ‘plexiglass’ as it conducts light way better than normal glass, four glass layers ( two outer layers of 3mm float glass and two inner layers of 3mm plexi glass where the image will be engraved). Now from these glass layers lets move on to the wood. Chip wood, lots of cutting is required to fit the glass layers in the wood shell, and milling grooves for the glass to fit into.

Now the bottom of the door, as it has to bear the weight of the door. Normal wooden screws will be ripped out. To ensure stability, mill small grooves in between the two layers of the wood boards. In there glue three M5 nuts and washers. The glass is fed trough the bottom of the door. Under the glass these is a piece of wood, and the two threaded rods, use a block of wood between the treaded rods to stiffen everything up, and to distribute the weight. The hinge and screws are there to ensure that the nuts stay in the right place when gluing.

Now some lighting, LED’s, the door above uses 120 of them to be exact (60 blue and 60 white) depends. Now its time for the LED holders, cut out one hole for each led and one hole for each resistor (1resistor per 3 LEDs). Now engrave whatever design you want to on your glass. Distribute the light through the glass and your door is ready. For detailed info check the link below

Via: ForumsBitTech

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