Induction cooker is an eco friendly and smart way of cooking

induction cooker
Gone are the days when cooking required constant attendance. Microwaves came as expensive options with huge electricity bills. A magnetic field allows heat to be passed on directly to the utensil and it takes much less time for complete cooking Now cook, simmer, boil or just keep the food warm all this and more while keeping the hazard of burning at bay and also saving electricity by nearly 50%. Just plug in and the cooker is ready to use while saving not only time but a lot of energy.A sleek design with matt brushed stainless steel trim and frameless crystal hob is a must have for the modern kitchen. A super intelligent piece it recognises the area of the utensil placed on it. So while the saucepan gets heated and your chicken gets cooked, the area around it stays cold. No more burnt scars on hands, just clean neat food cooked in the gentlest manner. The large display unit shows cooking time and temperature (which can be adjusted from 06 to 240 degree C in 40 degree units with just a tap of the finger). The in built thermostat keeps the temperature constant. No preheating or residual after cooking the whole process is so simple and fast that to boil a litre of liquid it takes just 3 minutes! Best with any magnetic base pot like steel, it is suitable for cooking, roasting, steaming or just keeping food warm, the induction cooker measures 32 x 41 x 7.5cm (12 1⁄2″ x 16″ x 3″) (W x D x H), weighs 3kg (6.6 lbs) and comes with a 100cm (3ft3″) cable for 230V/2000W power supply. German safety approved, it is available at ProIdee for £46.50

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