Plant-it greeting cards bloom into a bouquet after you plant it

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In case you’re one of the rare species of men (or women) who still like to grab a bunch of flowers every time they visit they mother or just to tell their wives and girlfriends how much they appreciate them, you would certainly be a lot interested in these revolutionary new ‘Plant-It’ cards. The greeting card is actually a special type of seeded paper that is impregnated with flower seeds that acts like a mulch to retain moisture which when planted, grows into a flowering plant. After the recipient has read the card, they are asked to follow simple planting instructions, and within a few weeks, they can watch the greeting grow into a bunch of wildflowers. Created by Oakthrift Corporation in partnership with an American company, the handmade Plant-it seeded paper is made from a 100% recycled paper further increasing the green benefits of the thought. Retailing for £1.99, the cards are expected to hit UK stores later this year.
Source: Daily Mail

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