Desolate concrete building in Manhattan churns out music

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Music can evolve from anything and everything that exists on this planet. You just need to have an ear for it….and maybe also ideas to dole out tunes from things that don’t relate to music at all. Have you ever imagined of churning out music from a concrete building? David Byrne dared to vision it and has turned 9,000 square foot Great Hall in Manhattan into a colossal musical instrument. Instead of using wind forced through pipes, each of the revamped antique pedal organ’s keys are connected by a multitude of tubes, pipes and wires to every conceivable facet of the building. Playing the organ causes various devices to hammer on water pipes, vibrate motors against the ceiling girders, magnetically beat against the building’s roof columns or blow air through pipes. But the reason that we are penning it here on Ecofriend is for the simple task of transforming the 99 year old disused space into a cast-iron orchestra. Call it recycling, reusing or whatever!

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The installation, which originally was on display in Stockholm a few years ago, will be in New York until August 10.

Via Environmental Graffiti

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