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Pet care the Green Way

by Ecofriend1874

We consume a lot of the earth’s natural resources for even the smallest things in our lives. Everything that we do uses resources and at the same time pollutes the environment. To prevent depleting these resources that help to sustain the human population, we try to monitor our consumption levels.


Pet owners will be especially pleased to know that even your pet can help save the environment. Owning a pet requires a lot of responsibility; we have to walk our pets, monitor their diets and take them to the veterinarian’s office when needed. Here are some ways to ensure that pet owners and their furry friends can help save the planet:

You can use biodegradable bags to clean up waste when walking your dog.  You are required by law to curb your pet, but you can do this by not using plastic bags as they plastic is a material that does not break down easily. It’s no fun cleaning up after your pet, using a plastic bag, but a biodegradable one will make the task a whole lot bearable. Cutting down on the use and disposal of plastic bags will lead to a reduction of landfill.

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Organic foods are safe for the earth and for us too. So why not do the same for your pet? A lot of pet stores are now selling organic pet foods that are made using natural materials. Companies are also using packaging that is made out of recycled materials. Organic pet food is healthier for your pet than those foods made from synthetic products; they are also free from artificial agents like coloring and flavoring. Some of these artificial agents are made from chemicals or hormones that will affect your pet’s health.

We often use pesticides and other chemical to maintain our backyards; this is also a place that your pet is most likely to frequent. Your pet will also be in direct contact with the pesticides, and often bring these chemicals into your home. If you are using chemicals to address gardening problems, make sure that you leave it outdoors, wear separate shoes for the yard and cordon off the area to prevent your pet from coming into contact with the chemicals. Walk your dog to and from the park for his exercise routine, this will help both you and your pet to burn a few more calories and you will also save money on unnecessary gas consumption.

Use pet grooming products like shampoo, powder, flea sprays to keep your pet looking his best. Excessive uses of chemical based products are never good for your pet or for the earth.

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