PepsiCo to shut off water mains and turn to potatoes

potato to water

Eco Factor: PepsiCo to recycle water in potatoes for UK chip factories.

PepsiCo uses around 350,000 tons of potatoes each year for products like the Walker’s Crisps. However, these chips are only produced when the majority of water is taken out and in most cases, replaced with oil. Since 80 percent of a potato is water, the company can source about 280 million liters of water annually.

The company has now started taking a serious look at water use as droughts take their toll. The Guardian reports that PepsiCo is now planning to recycle all that water found in potatoes, which usually boils off during the cooking process of chips, and shut down water mains in UK factories, which employ about 3500 people.

Via: Treehugger

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