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Pedal power: The SAPEDAH

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Transportation is a cause of concern in urban populace. The pollution level arising out of fuel burning remains a challenge for nations, whether developed or developing. Many designers have considered this as their theme for producing innovative designs to reduce the pollution level on the atmosphere. One such design is the SAPEDAH. It is a bike design to reduce the pollution level in the atmosphere. The SAPEDAH can be an alternative to the presently used motorcycle and/or car which usually constitute the larger part of traffic.

SAPEDAH by Raymond Simandjuntak

The concept has emerged out of the designer’s concern for the increasing pollution in big cities, like Jakarta (Indonesia). The regular usage of fuel driven vehicles are not only polluting but also a cause for the frequent traffic jams. The SAPEDAH can provide three essential benefits – reduce pollution, reduce traffic congestion and (consequently) improve health.

The SAPEDAH has a simple design made of recyclable material. It has an attractive baggage area which can be multi-utility for the rider. It can be used for storing several things. Rider may use it for storing notebook, clothes or even files. Since recyclable plastic has been used to make the bike, it can be easily re-used. It can also be the ingredient for designing another bike. The SAPEDAH can potentially save the environment from plastic menace to certain extent. It is light-weight because it is hollow inside.

This design emerged as an entry in Design 21: Social Design Network. The Design 21 aims to encourage activism among the masses. The organization promotes it through innovative concepts and designs. It is a portal for individuals and non-profit organizations who believe in bringing a positive change in the world though designing. It works in partnership with the UNESCO. It’s effort is directed towards bringing an encouraging change in the society with the help of unique concepts and designs.

The SAPEDAH has been designed by Raymond Simandjuntak (Jakarta). His bike concept seems unique and encouraging. Raymond brings out the significance and concern for controlling pollution in cities and urban populace through the bike concept. He has gained the inspiration from the increasing threat of environment pollution. His 3-in-1 design aims to combat the issue and create better opportunities for human beings through functional design. The bike has been targeted at the city population for whom regular commuting is a chore. The bike potentially can work for reduction in pollution, creating healthy environment and lifestyle for human beings. The re-usable body is a smart component which eliminates the possibility of plastic waste. The bike can be recycled or re-used for designing another one. The vacant body makes it easy for the rider to pedal and carry it anywhere.

Initiatives like the SAPEDAH do create a sense of belonging and concern for the environment. Even though small, such efforts can materialize to create magnified effects. The on-line community of Design 21 has been working to create a portal for designers and innovators working for the betterment of humanity. Events, carnivals and competitions are eye-openers to the damage caused to the environment. The SAPEDAH is apparently a concept for the good.

Source: design21sdn

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