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On Sealants and where O’Hara Figures

by Ecofriend1874

Since the green revolution has already begun, it is but obvious that almost every other item of use is being substituted by something eco friendly. And seriously speaking, if you can indeed find better products that are environment friendly, sustainable and effective, which would not choose them over artificial products?

As far as the cost goes, there is no point pretending that nothing is cheap or affordable anymore! Since you already have to invest quite a bit of cash either ways, why not stick to products that will not be a pain in any of the runs and be safe at the same time, correct?

The subject then, ladies and gentlemen, is about earth-friendly sealant. Who would have ever thought of it right? However, once you remind yourself of some incidents that had happened not too long ago, you would know.


Incidents to Remember

Turn it over in your minds and think, have you ever heard your loved one complaining about headaches? Have you already forgotten about your young daughter’s or sons’ watery eyes not too long ago? At any rate, do you remember that guest of yours who started complaining about headaches and something smelly and ended up barfing on the floor?

Chances are that pretty much all of these incidents happened right after your new home was constructed or some sort of a remodeling spree, green or otherwise and even could be some weatherizing process that you had undertaken. At any rate, you were trying to fix something and needed some sort of a strong glue or adhesive that would bind and make the things stay at place.

What you did not realize during either the above projects or a simple Sunday Fixing Spree is how much harm you were doing. Remember the odd smell that somehow overtook even your neighbor’s smell of awful cooking? Once that happens, you can kiss healthy home air goodbye, hence the need for an earth-friendly sealant.

What to Look For

Unless you are visiting proper shops that supply exclusive green products, asking for an earth-friendly sealant may also lead to some embarrassing cross questioning. Instead, there is a way of looking for things that are indeed environment friendly. For one, start by reading the composition.

Look for details such as non-toxic. Next, look for glues that use no animal derivates and are regulated properly. Finally, look for other details such as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free, or low in VOC, say about a percent or so. In addition, check whether the product is water soluble or water based and certainly free from acids.

Using an eco friendly adhesive, such as the one manufactured by O’Hara will help in making your homes easier to breathe in. Plus, apart from the overpowering smell, you can be pretty sure that kids are always on the lookout for putting things in their mouth. This is your best chance to prevent something gruesome.

PWC Campbell - Green Sealant

The Difference O’Hara Makes

As far as an earth-friendly sealant is concerned, nobody does it better than O’Hara. The base of the product uses au natural produce of the Earth such as castor plant oils. Next up, the component that really helps is gypsum. The best part is that a single coat self-polymerizes itself thereby lasting longer and certainly is cheaper to the urethane alternatives. Moreover, the gypsum added makes the stuff somewhat renewable.

Above all, this product can sustain in very low temperatures, making it a planet proof adhesive. This product is absolutely great for usage in any sort of construction projects such as insulation, roofing and even flooring. You can pretty much do all your repair work with this product as well such as potholes and roads and parking decks.


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