Diesel Hybrid Tugboats on the horizon

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Seafaring activities can smile for its future as hybrid goes to the seas too. General Electric (G.E.) is intending to take this green technology to sea in a tugboat that could burn 35 percent less fuel and emit 80 percent less pollution than anything else on the water. Teaming up with Texas maritime engineering and management firm C-MAR, they are proposing the diesel-electric tugboats that will help to keep the blue water bodies more green. And the company has a valid reason to start off with the tugboats as these tugs are supposed to spend a lot of time idling on standby. Then they require a short burst of high power to escort freighters and tankers. Batteries would allow them to do both without burning loads of fuel or emitting lots of pollution.

Together the duo is developing a series hybrid system that would use an electric motor to drive the prop and a diesel engine to drive a generator that would keep the batteries charged. And since it is estimated that there are about 4,000 tugboats in America, this kind of hybrid transformation will undeniably bring a green change for our environment.

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