New, stylish eco-friendly bulbs for your beautiful home


There are no homes without electric bulbs these days. Besides, a light consumes 10 to15% of the electrical energy in a household. The use of standard electric light bulbs is a major drain on energy within the household. Lighting is said to account for between 10 and 15 percent of the energy use of a household. The old style bulbs are not reliable and energy efficient, and one of them includes incandescent bulbs. As the incandescent bulbs are quite inefficient in converting the energy which they receive the demand for these bulbs has decreased. However, there are some people who still using these bulbs. With the advancements made in technology the scientists have come up with the best alternative to the incandescent lamp.


Which is the best alternative to incandescent lamps?

These alternative bulbs include CFL’s. The CFL bulbs are very efficient and reliable. These energy saving bulbs are long lasting uses a very less energy to produce light. Thus, the household budget of a person has decreased in a great way due to the usage of these bulbs. In fact councils are also saving lots of money by using these eco-friendly bulbs. As we all know that Paris is famous for Champs-Elysee lighting each Christmas. It is revealed that over 70% of the energy is saved on using these CFL bulbs. Government has also started using these energy efficient bulbs to save the power. Besides, you need not change the bulbs often as these are much reliable when compared to all other bulbs.

LED bulbs: Though the LED bulbs are quite expensive they are very long lasting. Besides, it consumes a very less energy to convert the energy into light, whereas an incandescent lamp uses the consumed energy for both wire heating and production of light. Thus, you can save lots of energy by using an LED bulb.

Eco-friendly light bulbs:

The new generation eco-friendly bulbs are available in all the stores these days. Besides, most of the people are choosing these bulbs due to their high energy efficiency and low intake of power. Moreover, these bulbs are offered at a very low price in most of the stores. However, it would be always better to choose the energy star products. Both U.S department of energy and U.S environmental protection agency have started this emery start program to assist the people in saving their money. This energy star will only appear on the products which are of high standard and eco-friendly. All the energy star products will at least work for minimum 2 years. This is one of the reasons why most of the customers usually prefer energy star products.

But still many people are not using the eco-friendly lights as they don’t look stylish, where as the incandescent bulbs look stylish. People should realize the benefits of the energy efficient bulbs and start using them to save your money from paying to electricity departments. Besides, there are some people who give their utmost preference to style. Such people have to wake up now and start using the energy efficient bulbs as many manufacturers have designed some stylish bulbs. As these power saving bulbs are now available in various styles you need not worry about the style. Besides, the light from incandescent bulbs causes certain diseases too. This it is always suggested for you to use the eco-friendly bulbs to protect your health and also to save your money. There are many online stores which are offering these bulbs now-a-days. Thus, you could buy directly from online if you want a stylish eco-friendly bulb. You can find numerous styles in online stores within a matter of seconds. So, give a shift to eco-friendly bulbs today!

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