Must Buy Sustainable Camping Gear For Your Next Trip

Must Buy Sustainable Camping Gear For Your Next Trip

Spending time outdoors often requires a lot of equipment to protect yourself from the element and ensure that you are able to enjoy any activities. From hunting equipment to tents, camping requires a lot of equipment. On any camping trip, it is important to ensure that the supplies you are using and the materials you are leaving behind are sustainable and not causing harm to the environment. If you’re planning to camp this Fall, here are a few pieces of sustainable gear that you need to enjoy your trip while protecting the planet.

1.  Eco-Friendly Tents

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Even the highest-quality tents are often made of plastic or other materials that are harmful to people and the planet. Should tents get damaged and partially or entirely left behind during a camping trip, the materials can have a negative impact on the environment. Companies like Vaude produce tents made from sustainable materials that are high quality enough to withstand even the harshest elements on a long camping trip and are made from eco-friendly materials. Plus, Vaude is a carbon-neutral retailer, making your purchase from the company even more sustainable.

2.  Sustainable Coolers

Many campers use disposable styrofoam or plastic coolers on a trip due to their lightweight materials that are easy to pack and move, however it should come as no surprise that these coolers are not great for the environment. There are numerous coolers on the market that are made from recycled fabrics and other sustainable materials which are better for the planet and allow for a lightweight, simple-to-carry design that is durable enough to last for many years to come.

3.  Environmentally Friendly Camping Stove

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Camping stoves often generate excessive harmful waste thanks to their gas canisters which cannot easily be disposed of, in addition to burning fossil fuels and emitting fumes that are harmful to both campers and the planet. Many environmentalists recommend that campers use wood-burning stoves to prepare food or warm a campsite, which is a much better alternative for the planet. Companies like BioLite make wood-burning stoves that can be fueled with sticks and other debris that is commonly found in the woods, making it easier than ever to burn an eco-friendly fire

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