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recycled metal tiles

Choices are unlimited when you want to go for your home interiors. No more talk about granite, marble, wood or the more traditional means of tiles for your kitchen or bathroom. The brand new range of recycled metal tiles from Eco-Friendly Flooring will you owe you instantly.

Recycled material has been used creatively for interior decoration so far. But the next generation look these tiles create is simply superb. There are various visual patterns and designs you can create with these backsplashes. Made out of recycled brass, aluminum and glass, these tiles look not only stylish but add what you call a proper metallic look.

You can do your kitchen or bathroom redecorated with these tiles for that very chic and urban look. You can select a polished matte or sandblasted rough finish to suit your taste or match your interior. Though you can create your own unique pattern with these tiles, you also can check out the various patterns already available here.

These tiles cost you $35/sq.ft. for aluminum tiles and, $70/sq.ft. for brass tiles. You also get all the instructions you require for fixing these to your walls.

Via: Luxist

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