The mantra to the successful creation of a green hotel

The Natural Step Organization has already stated how making your business sustainable can increase profits immensely. In addition to its impact on the environment, converting your hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, lodge, resort, or any other guest facility that you offer a sustainable one can be a profitable move. Water and energy conservation, as well as various guidelines on recycling, are followed by green hotels to ensure that their guests are living in a safe and non-toxic accommodation.

  1. Water and Energy Conservation


Reduce use of energy to ensure that you have a low carbon print. This can be done by switching to LED lights, which last 5-20 times more than average bulbs and also consume a fraction of the electricity. Educate your staff about turning off lights and other appliances in unoccupied rooms. Close the drapes in the summer season to avoid using the air conditioning for longer hours during the hot climate. You can purchase Energy Star labeled appliances where you can.

To save water install low-flow shower heads and sink aerators. Toilets that are low-fill are also available and can save a lot of water.

  1. Involve your guests for more help


You can subtly motivate your guests to choose wisely in terms of energy and water conservation by leaving small note cards at various places made out of recycled paper. About 16% of water wastage from hotels comes from laundry, so remember to gently request your guests to use their towels and robes more than once. Not only will this conserve energy and water, it will also enhance the life of your fabric. You can ask them to request a sheet change only when they feel absolutely necessary.

  1. Change your food menu and disposal technique


Choose organic food items and try to eliminate poultry and meat from your menu. Buy locally grown organic food to ensure no use of pesticides. Try to motivate your kitchen staff to make some changes in managing the wastes. By educating the kitchen staff on being more efficient in waste management and water and energy conservation you can contribute more positively towards the environment as a team.

A great way to dispose of all the kitchen waste is to create a compost pile. This may seem like a smelly thing to do, but a compost pile will reduce your landfill waste as well as provide you with highly fertile soil for gardening.

  1. Recycling

woman holding recycle symbol in his hands

You have to be extremely careful of the waste that you are generating in your hotel and the way you are planning to dispose of it. Contact your neared recycling station and ask for complete guidelines on the same. You can set up numerous receptacles across the hotel to collect wastes in a more organized fashion. Avoid using disposable items in the hotel as these are quick to pile up in the trash. Provide reusable items like glasses, cups, dishes, cloth napkins when catering as well as in the guests’ rooms.

  1. Choose natural products


A great way to prevent unnecessary plastic waste production is to use refillable shampoo, conditioners, and soap dispensers. You can also opt for products that are made out of natural ingredients or make your own cleaning products that are all natural. This will avoid toxic chemical waste generation as well as toxic fumes and smell much better too.

  1. Recycle your old beds and products


Those half filled bottles of toiletries do not have to be pushed down the drain simply because they are of no use to you. Worn out rugs, beds, and mattresses are frequently accepted by many charities. You can donate all the linen that is no longer in use at your hotel and earn the satisfaction of doing a good deed. 

Many hotels and guest facilities are opting to go green because of the high consciousness in the modern generation for the environment. This sustainable method of living is an ideal choice for many hotel owners to provide a more sustainable hospitality service to their customers.

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