Levi’s keeps up eco-initiative: Now accepts shoes and clothes for recycling

As the most superior species on the planet, we cannot be exactly proud of the way we have been treating the environment so far. Clearing forests to make ways for cities, polluting groundwater for the sake of building factories and contributing to greenhouse gases by dumping anything and everything in landfills, the list goes on. It is only when the alarm bells started ringing; we start thinking about our actions and their consequences in the years to come.

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One such area that has been generating a lot of waste that we can otherwise reuse is the clothing industry. Every year, the clothing industry produces over 24 billion pounds of waste in the form of old, used clothes, shoes and even textiles. The staggering factor here is that nearly 90% of this waste can be recycled only if we take proper initiatives and put appropriate measures in place to facilitate the same.

Levi’s joins the bandwagon

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Thankfully, a number or clothing and footwear companies have come forward in recent years to start sustainability initiatives to help consumers recycle old clothes, shoes and textiles. One such company that has recently joined the cause is Levi’s Strauss and Co. The company’s announcement of offering a 20% discount for those who bring in unwanted clothes, shoes and textiles to its US based outlets for recycling has been met with mass approval.

Other eco-friendly initiatives by Levi’s

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With this announcement, Levi’s aims to reduce its massive stream of waste which could otherwise be recycled and reused. This is not the company’s first eco-friendly initiative for a sustainable business practice. The company has several other initiatives like a complete life cycle assessment of products, water less finishing process for its trademark jeans, and a water-recycling program at the production. The company even advices its customers not to wash their jeans on a regular basis.

Brand independent recycling program

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While many companies choose to recycle only those clothes and shoes developed by them, Levi’s has gone a step further to welcome old clothes, shoes and textiles from any brand. These items would then be recycled, repurposed or re-worn by I:CO, the company’s clothing partner. Customers need not worry about bringing in truckloads of old stuff to avail the discount offered by Levi’s.

Even a single piece of old clothing or shoe deposited at any of the company’s outlets and retail stores in the US can enable an individual to get 20% off on Levi’s products. This way, the company aims to promote commitment among its customers to recycle old items and protect the environment in the process.

Popular clothing brand Levi’s Strauss and Co. has announced a 20% discount for anyone who brings in old clothes, shoes and textiles to its outlets and retail stores in the US for recycling. The company aims to help its customers understand the importance of recycling with this innovative effort.

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