La Digue in Seychelles to adopt eco friendly transport policies

Golf cart to be introduced

The cabinet ministry of Seychelles has lately evaluated the transport policy for the island of La Digue in Seychelles. It has taken various decisions among which it has also decided to endorse a proposal for the augmented use of electric “golf” cart vehicles for tourism enterprises on La Digue.The tourism accommodation institutions will now be liable to apply for an electric golf cart which would transport people from the La Digue jetty and back. The number of the golf carts that maybe allowed by the hotel will be depending on the volume of client-transfers required by that hotel. If the demand for the transportations has fully been evaluated, the government would be putting a cap on the utmost number of electric golf carts on La Digue.A transport officer would also be selected to standardize the use of the vehicles on the island. Traffic sign board would also be introduced very soon.


Grievance of the La Digue island operators

The policy review also follows abundant grievances by the tourism operators on La Digue Island that the taxi funds which are present for the tourism are inefficient and thus La Digue Island will be left without a transport which will be at service on arrival or departure. La Digue would be turned to the eco-capital of Seychelles after the fuel-dependent vehicles are phased out.

All the vehicles on the island of La Digue are expected to be replaced by electrical vehicles by 2018. A concessionary loan scheme will also be introduced. The loans as well as tax incentives would also be applicable for the residents of La Digue.


Benefits of the electrical vehicles

Electrical vehicles cause less air pollution, and since it makes the use of renewable energy source exploitation it will become one of the most cleanest and environmentally friendly sources of transportation in the future.La Digue would have to develop additional electrical road and rail network in order to amplify power supply. La Digue would also introduced vehicles for trial purposes.

La Digue is a beautiful island in Seychelles which is a must visit for tourists on their visit to Seychelles. More and more petrol vehicles have been introduced in the island and two accidents have also occurred in the island.

It is expected that the Seychelles government move will definitely please environmentally friendly developers and also help to draw in more tourists in the industry.


La Digue in Seychelles is about to introduce eco friendly transportation which would support the green revolution in Seychelles. Electric cars and golf carts would replace vehicles.

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