Israeli students design a solar based portable water purification tool

A pair of crazy Israeli high school students has stunned green enthusiasts developing a portable solar based device to purify water. The device, which is in prototype mode, can disinfect and clean water using ultraviolet light and renewable energy. The best part with the water disinfection system is that anyone can use it at home or office, because it is portable. Teens Maya Braun and Avishai Katko, who come from Sharett High School, are behind the coveted discovery.

Israeli Students Design a Solar-Powered Water Treatment Plant

The technology purifies contaminated water when exposed to ultraviolet rays from sunlight. The tool operates on renewable energy, which is produced at low cost. The entire device can be developed inexpensively and once ready for commercial use, it can be the best option for people to purify water, if they have better sunshine in the daytime. The wonderful water purification system has won the Intel Israel 15th Annual Young Scientists Competition prize to the young scientists.

Israel, which mostly depends on desalination process for drinking water, will be developing the new technology for future home based water purification systems. Since desalination causes some troubles for water sources and people, the country has been looking for innovative technologies to get drinking water cleaned in more sustainable and affordable methods.

Of course, home owners can now collect and treat their own drinking water using the product from Katko and Braun. Decentralization of water treatment will bring a revolution in the country and other parts of the world. Besides helping home owners slashing their water bills, it will be a welcome move for the nature, earth and, on the whole, for the entire human race that will get clean drinking water in a tremendously green way.

Via: GreenProphet

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