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Importance of Cleaning and Disinfecting for A Healthier Generation

Cleaning and Disinfecting for A Healthier Generation

Cleaning and disinfecting are essential for a healthier generation. Disinfection and cleaning (C&D) involve the chemical and physical process to remove, reduce, kill, or inactive pathogenic microorganisms. The C&D procedures are very crucial to control the spread and transform the microorganism in between locations, animals, or folks. The potential for transfer or spread of the microorganisms may occur from indirect or direct contamination of the equipment, vehicles, people, and animal movement and products.

The C&D process varies: many factors affect the efficacy of process including the product selected or method, organism involved, and the number of many other environmental factors, like organic load, temperature, or the water hardness. These procedures necessary may vary depending on the situation. There is no single method suitable for all situations.

The Disinfecting and Cleaning Are Not Same

After all, as Fathima Jasmin, a home cleaning specialist with Cleaning Company Dubai points out, Disinfecting and cleaning are not the same and are to achieve two different objectives. Both play a vital role in getting your equipment ready to use for pharmaceutical manufacturing or food processing, etc.

What is disinfecting?

disinfectingThe disinfecting refers to killing or destroying any germs, bacteria or microbes which are present on surfaces. The disinfectants are used to accomplish the task. “The disinfectant is the product which kills the microbes without employing the soil removal actions”.

What is cleaning?

cleaningThe cleaning refers to removing the soils and dirt from the surface. The detergents are used for cleaning purposes of the surface. “Cleaning the soil using any appropriate detergent chemicals under the recommended conditions”.

Why Do Both?

It is essential to clean the surfaces thoroughly before disinfecting it. The soil can harbor bacteria and germs. The disinfection becomes less effective if the surface soil is present.

If the surface is disinfecting before the cleaning, remaining soils can contribute and grow the harmful microbes also lead to further contamination. The residual surface prevents the disinfecting from reaching to the surface. The lingering soil may affect the active chemicals in the disinfectants, and impact their efficiency. If you clean the surface thoroughly and validate the cleanliness, then the disinfection steps become more effective.

General Disinfectant Problems & Solutions

General-Disinfectant-Problems-Solutions.Three main problems can occur while the disinfecting and cleaning floors:

Problem #1

Film on the floor by using germicides.

Solution #1:

Untreated dust mop that is prior to the damp mopping with disinfectant.

Solution #2:

Change the disinfectant at the recommended times, every three to four rooms approximately.

Problem #2:

The Tacky floor can cause changes from the “quat” to the phenolic.

Solution #1:

Scrubbing the floor with neutral cleaners before using any germicide with the different active ingredients. Mop the floor with some alcohol if it’s still tacky.

Solution #2:

Examine the dilution of disinfectant. Use the chemical dispensing system for accuracy.

Problem #3:

Discolor the floor tiles that are caused by strong solutions.

Solution #1:

Rinse the floor periodically, use the clean water, water must be transparent.

Solution #2:

Use the disinfectant at the correct dilution as stripping the solution to strip any discolored area.


Here are the tools used for cleaning and disinfecting:

  • A dry/wet vacuum or any vacuum with the filtration system is a good dust removal tool. This tool is highly recommended for the operating rooms, nursery, and delivery rooms.
  • A disposal dust mop that is chemically treated.
  • A machine laundered dust mop head.

Despite this fact that our floors do not play a vital role in disease transmission, but it is good to disinfect and clean floors in the healthcare facilities on time. This is very important in the areas where patient care is occurring. The use of the disinfectants is important to control the bacteria to transfer from one room to another.

Final Verdict

In closing, the simple cleaning of environmental surfaces can be a key defense for a healthier generation. With the antibiotic-resistant organism proliferating on the surfaces for up to 55 or more days, the study of measurement cleaning and cleaning is becoming important for a healthier generation. If you are looking for cleaning and disinfecting services, the professional cleaning companies have all the solutions for your cleaning and disinfecting needs.

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