How to start a sustainable garden

start a sustainable garden

Gardening has been proven to be extremely beneficial in many ways; stress relief, heart, family and financial health, growing your self-esteem and so much more. In addition, it’s also a great way to help the planet and to become more sustainable. But how can you start your very own sustainable garden? Can you really make a difference by getting your hands dirty?


plant exotic flowers to your gardenIt may be quite tempting to only plant exotic flowers to your garden, however making sure you add native wildflowers to your outdoor space could make a big difference to pollinators. In fact, certain species such as butterflies or bees depend on native flowers for their survival. They’re also very pretty and easy to take care of. Besides, during the winter, wildflower’s seeds can be a great food source for birds and small mammals. 

Growing your own food

Growing your own foodHaving your own little vegetable patch is rewarding but also great for the planet as you avoid unnecessary waste and buying out of season fruits and vegetables. You can easily grow your own food if you have a garden, you don’t have to be an expert.

In fact, according to Deborah Wood, Company Director of Premier Polytunnels, investing in a greenhouse or polytunnel could actually help you double your chance to get an abundance of fruits and vegetable with minimal effort,“potatoes, radishes, tomatoes and salad leaves are easy to look after and grow like mad in a polytunnel, turning the tunnel into a jungle during the summer months and resulting in so much produce that we have to give some away to anyone who will take it, including the postman!” 

Bugs hotel and hedgehog house

hedgehogCaring for your local wildlife is important. Firstly, because they are part of our ecosystem and play a big part in the biodiversity. Secondly, because they can help you in return. Indeed, hedgehog, for example, are amazing for your garden, they love eating slugs, caterpillars and beetles! Creating a little shelter doesn’t have to be super complicated neither, you can either buy one for pretty cheap online or you could make one with some woods and twigs, don’t forget to make the entrance small enough so no cats can go inside.

Bugs hotel are also great to create a sustainable garden, they would definitely attract a larger variety of bugs which will then be beneficial for the health of your trees, plants and flowers.

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