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How to reinforce rainforest sustainability

by Ecofriend1874

Rainforests, among many other things are very important for our existence on the planet Earth. They play a vital role in removing carbon dioxide from the air. The Amazon rainforest is a home to large number of plant and animal species and stabilizes the earth’s climate. This rainforest is under threat due to deforestation and mining activities. To prevent the loss of this great rainforest for future generations and us, we can adopt the following ways.

1.      Stop Mining:
Mining activities especially for obtaining gold have accelerated largely in the Amazon. This destructive activity disturbs the rainforest ecosystem and creates problems for the people living nearby. Long strips of rainforest land and even mountains are leveled for obtaining a small quantity of gold.

Mercury, which is used in the mining process, is very harmful. It is usually dumped into rivers resulting in the devastation of aquatic life. We can act responsible by taking the matter to the government and supporting the local people.

2.      Increase the sustainability of the forests:
A variety of useful products is obtained from the forests. These products should be given preference over unsustainable products.

These are reasonable alternatives of chemical products and can be used in both fashion and medical world. If the demand for forest product increases, eventually the forests will be safe from logging and mining activities.

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3.      Knowing the uses of forest fruits and nuts:
Fruits and nuts form very useful forest produce. A variety of nuts such as acai and tagua are obtained from the rainforests. They grow naturally and can serve a variety of purpose. Acai can be included in your diet as a fruit and fruit juice whereas both, acai and tagua can be dried to lovely organic beads to make beautiful ornaments.

These nuts can be easily dyed without using binders and other chemicals. Local people can gather these nuts and sell them to come out of poverty without harming the rainforest. Thus, the locals can find other products that could be used in medicines, fashion and beauty products as well. This will motivate and encourage them to conserve the rainforest and use its resources wisely to become economically stable.


Giving importance to sustainable seeds and nuts while making a purchase is of course a small change but it has a tremendous impact and can bring about important changes.

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