How to Organize an Eco-Friendly Event with Custom Badges

How to Organize an Eco-Friendly Event with Custom Badges

Events create fantastic opportunities for learning, networking, and increasing brand awareness. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the waste and carbon footprint of events. A 2019 study on the sustainability of conferences reveals that a 3-day academic event, for instance, produced 455 tonnes of carbon. That is more carbon emissions than the amount 95 cars generate every year.

Today, event planners are going eco-friendly by choosing greener transportation for guests, sourcing food locally, and reducing marketing products. Did you know you can make your event green with custom badges? Customized badges have become a popular and successful promotional tool that raises brand exposure and shows a company’s commitment to creating eco-friendly activities. In this article, we will discuss how to organize an eco-friendly event with custom badges.

How Customized Badges Work for Eco-friendly Events

The emerging trend of custom badges does more than identify attendees and grant access. With customized badges, you can;

1. Enhance Brand Awareness

According to Bag Tags, Inc., custom event badges with your company’s logo, slogan, colors, and other design elements boost brand recognition and create lasting impressions on your target audience. Moreover, personalizing badges to promote a sustainable event can help establish trust with your sponsors, target customers, and event attendees. That is because a well-designed badge elevates your brand’s professional look.

2. Elevates Guest Experience

Badges personalized with attendee names, job titles, company, or role in the event also redefine the guest experience. When guests wear custom badges designed for sustainable purposes, they feel proud and have a sense of belonging and affiliation in supporting your company’s efforts to preserve the environment.

3. Agenda Reference

As an event planner, you can leverage the unique tools of custom badges to communicate important information with guests. You can personalize badges with session schedules, QR codes, and personalized agendas for attendees to quickly reference event schedules.

4. Boost Sponsorship Revenue Generation

Custom badges can be an excellent revenue stream for event organizers. Custom badges allow space for sponsors to display their logos and other branding elements. This aspect creates sponsorship opportunities as sponsors are willing to invest in personalized badges that boost their visibility.

5. Data Collection and Analytics

Data is valuable for event organizers, as it helps them evaluate attendee behavior, measure event success, and determine areas that need improvement. Since custom badges allow technologies like RFIDs and QR codes, event planners can use them to collect information on event attendance and overall attendee engagement.

How to Create Custom Badges for Eco-friendly Events

Designing custom event badges for an eco-friendly event requires careful consideration of various factors, such as:

1. Design Elements

Remember, you are choosing custom badges for planning a sustainability event to emphasize your company’s efforts toward green initiatives. Therefore, choose design elements that speak volumes about your brand’s participation in protecting nature. Your ideal design elements are nature-inspired graphics, like plants, insects, and landscapes.

Likewise, choose earthy tones like brown and green to evoke feelings of environmental consciousness. Ensure the natural colors blend well with your brand or event theme colors. For example, to add a touch of personalization, you could hang around 8 foot table cloths of natural colors that symbolize the brand.

2. The Right Message

The main essence of badges or tags is to display the attendees’ names for easy identification and granting access. But now that you need custom badges to promote your eco-friendly event, the tags should have a simple message encouraging guests to be mindful of the environment. Examples of eco-friendly badge slogans are:

  • Say no to single-plastic use
  • There is no planet B
  • Think before you trash it
  • Recycle, reuse, repurpose
  • Join the green team
  • Be the solution to pollution

Make the message simple and visible by ensuring the overall badge design is clutter-free. Also, choose eco-friendly fonts to complement the badge’s purpose of promoting your eco-friendly event. For eco-custom badges, Century Gothic, Calibri, Times New Roman, Garamond, and Courier are the best fonts to consider.

3. Material Selection

Perfect materials for your eco badge are recycled paper, cotton, bamboo, biodegradable plastics, wood, and plantable seed paper badges. Each material adds a unique touch of nature and a lasting impression on guests. For example, plantable seed paper badges make perfect keepsakes, which can grow into plants when disposed of.

For the lanyards or holders, choose bamboo fiber, recycled and biodegradable plastics, or cotton to complement the overall design of the badge. Also, optimize the size of the badge to minimize waste. Choosing a smaller size balances functionality and visual appeal is highly recommended.

4. Environmentally-friendly Printing Options

Instead of keeping pre-printed badges, consider printing event badges onsite as attendees walk into the venue. This method reduces the risk of printing excess badges, hence eliminating waste. You can also opt for home printing, which allows event attendees to download pre-designed badges and print them at home. Like onsite printing, home printing saves paper and ink by eliminating excess printouts. Alternatively, you can use digital custom badges, which allow guests to confirm their registration through a QR code.


Planning a sustainable corporate or personal event with custom badges demonstrates a genuine commitment to protecting the environment. Customized event badges allow you to creatively showcase your brand’s identity and values while minimizing waste. They also help engage your target audience and make perfect keepsakes, leaving an everlasting impression on attendees.

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