How To Extract CBD Oil At Home


CBD oil is one of the best natural alternatives when it comes to treating a health condition. As a supplement, this oil is known to provide many health benefits. Not only it is used as a remedy that reduces pain, manage anxiety and depression and improves cardiovascular health but also it is a medicine that is used for ailing threatening diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

The process of making it is time-consuming and as a result, the product is high-quality and expensive. In order to make the CBD oil safe for human use, it is necessary to have the right equipment and skills. As it becomes more popular there are many companies that produce this oil.

However, if you are planning on making a CBD oil at home, here are some instructions that will help you understand the process better.

Learn More About The Process

Extract-CBD-Oil-At-HomeBefore you begin with the process of making a CBD oil at home you need to learn a few things about it. So what does CBD stands for? CBD is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that is found in the cannabis plant. It is one of many cannabinoids that can be found in the plant and it is extracted from hemp plants. Most of the time it is used for medical purposes and it lacks the psychoactive effects.

What is important to know is that if you want to make good quality oil you need to choose an adequate plant material. Make sure that the material has high CBD strain as the oil will have the effects from the compounds the plant is consisted of.

Find The Right Ingredients And Prepare The Equipment

When it comes to choosing the ingredients, you need to pick a carrier oil that will serve as a solvent. What kind you will choose depends on how you would like the final product to turn out. The quality of the plant is another important factor when it comes to making oil at home. For the equipment, it depends on the method that you will determine, but in most cases, you will need a grinder, coffee filter, water distiller, a pot for heating and bowl for the mixture, cloth for straining and a few other utensils.

The Methods for Extraction

Extract-CBD-Oil-At-HomeIf you have done research about the CBD-oil-making process, then you are familiar with the essential process of extraction. An important note is that it is better to do extraction from hemp as it contains a high concentration of CBD. Do not forget that the strain of the plant needs to be high in CBD. There are two several methods and here is a guide on how to achieve extraction at home. There is an alternative method to make CBD oil such as extracting it from medical marijuana but its strains can contain THC so you need to check the amount before you use it in your product.

The Alcohol Extraction Method

One of the most popular techniques for extraction is the alcohol method also known as the ethanol extraction method. For this technique, you need to use alcohol or oil as solvents and ethanol extraction equipment.

It is essential to gather the right ingredients and follow the instructions to the dot.  What you need to do is find a suitable bowl and put the material in it. Then you need to add the ethanol into the material for the purpose of separating or extracting the wanted cannabinoids from the plant. Correspondingly, you mix the ingredients and separate the material from the ethanol by using a sieve. This step is also known as filtration. In addition, if you do not have a special machine at home you can use a coffee filter where you add the material.

For the next step which is the cooking process, you will need a heating device and a water distiller. In order to separate the ethanol from the obtained material, you will need to use the water distiller. The result needs to be heated so that there is no ethanol left. Make sure that you check if there is remaining ethanol.

The CO2 Extraction

Extract-CBD-Oil-At-HomeThis method is also widely used when it comes to extraction techniques. It is the most used among professional CBD oil makers. Despite its popularity, it is not very suitable for home-making as you need more advanced equipment, skills, and knowledge. For the purpose of extracting the CBD, you will need to pressure carbon dioxide and the equipment that cannot be easily found at home. With that being said if you want to use this method it is advisable to search for options or contact extraction companies.

The Oil Method

Another method that you can do at home is the oil method. For this technique, it is recommended to choose a carrier oil. After the parts of the cannabis plant have gone through the process of decarboxylation you need to pass the buds through a grinder. After that step, what you need to do is mix them with the chosen oil and boil it in a closed jar and then leave the pot till the water is evaporated. Then the mixture needs to sit for a couple of hours and then be heated again and left to sit for the night. The final step is to strain it and then it is ready for use.


Given these points, we can see that the homemade CBD oil can be with good quality and much more affordable. It is also a safe way to make the oil because of the fact that you use equipment that you have at home, you do not use a lot of heat or flammable toxic gases. This way you can also regulate what goes into your product and how safe it is for use. However, keep in mind that the homemade oil is not as pure as the professional one, the extraction and the ingredients are slightly different as the professional process uses specialized systems.

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