Every time I write my essay, I always think -what if I stop using paper and become eco-friendly? -It’s more fashionable now.If we want to live on a planet with fresh air, clean water, and a unique diversity of flora and fauna, we must do all we can to protect it. Being friendly with the environment means having a lifestyle that helps the planet. Saving water, cultivating and defending animals are good ways to start helping our blue planet.

Ecofriendly Celebrities
Leonardo DiCaprio
Emma Watson
Elsa Pataky
Cate Blanchett
Justin Timberlake
Mónica Cruz
Cameron Díaz

The term “ecofriendly” means “to be a friend of ecology”. Therefore, used in these terms, it would mean being respectful with the environment or with everything that has to do with ecology. To be ecofriendly is to be sustainable in all aspects of life, to maintain a fair balance between taking care of the environment and developing one’s social and economic prospect.In this article, we will give you a series of tips to be more ecofriendly in your daily life:

Reduce the use of plastics

plasticAvoid buying all kinds of plastic, either through bottles or other containers, as they are one of the most contaminating elements, considering that they take thousands of years to degrade if they are not recycled or reused. With this advice, you will have a touch of eco consciousness in your daily life.

Make ecological purchases

Buy organic products, like those ecofriendly backpacks built with 100% recycled materials. It is a trend that is growing, but it is very difficult to adopt.

You can apply it not only when you go to the supermarket, but also when you buy clothes, as many brands began to adopt environmentally friendly measures while manufacturing their products.

If you want to reach another level of eco-friendliness, you can get Ideabox Homes, which are prefabricated houses that use less and affordable materials for their construction.If you have a larger budget, check Enertia Homes. They are houses that mimic the earth’s atmosphere for an incredibly higher energy efficiency. You will greatly help the environment if you move to one of these houses. 

Classification of trash

ElectronicsMany people are already a part of the reduce, reuse, and recycle trend. Recently, even various governments are actively participating and encouraging the same. The only thing necessary is to know how to classify and divide your trash: recyclable materials (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal, etc.) will go to a certain container.It must be ensured that they are clean and dry. The materials that cannot be recycled (remains of food, dirty plastic, broken glass, etc.) will go to another container.

Save electricity at home.

This is one of the first ways that many of us are taught to be environmentally friendly, although we all need to remember how important it is to do things like turning off the lights when you leave a room. Everything that is powered by electricity requires the use of energy generated in power plants. The plants usually burn coal or fossil fuel, which produces emissions that could cloud the air and make it harder for us to breathe. This is a serious consequence of forgetting to turn off your computer.

However, not everything is that simple. There are also certain disadvantages of recycling:

  • Limitations for reusing certain types of products, largely because of their rapid obsolescence.
  • Recycling materials produces a certain amount of loss due to the mixture of the same or the degradation of their properties. This makes it difficult to create a recycling market.
  • Energy recovery is not highly recommended since, in fact, the source of raw materials offered by waste is not optimally used. Some recycling processes release polluting waste.
  • The combustion process in energy recovery causes a new source of polluting emissions. It must be an activity with a series of strong controls.
  • Increasing recycling requirements, legal difficulties, and costs of landfills for the dumping of products.

Difficulties are rather of a technical or economic nature that make the ecofriendly processes difficult. We could cite recycling as something truly positive and much more when we overcome all these problems.

Remember that we must protect our environment because we need it – a lot! We depend on our environment to exist. Our planet gives us all the natural resources we need to feed ourselves, build our homes, have electricity, transport, etc. Everything we use on a daily basis – paper, pencil, computer, rubber, etc. is obtained, directly or indirectly, from the environment. It is therefore our duty to protect and promote the very environment that helps us to survive and thrive.

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