How Environmentally Friendly is Merus Water Treatment

Merus Water Treatment

Clean water is a must to maintain good health, and for other uses in the home or office of for irrigation. Conventional water treatment methods include chemicals which get into the waterways and pollute water. Merus Ring water treatment is desirable as it acts against limescale, biofilm and corrosion in pipes in an eco-friendly way. Read more to find out how.

 What is Merus Ring water treatment system?

Merus Ring water treatment systemUsually, it is seen that the problem in water is that foreign substances settle in the pipes or machines, making it an expensive affair to resolve. Merus Ring is a treatment which solves this problem, in small and big buildings as well as private residences by installing the ring in the water pipes.

The Merus Ring increases the solubility of the soluble parts in the water. For instance, limescale becomes more soluble in water and runs off with the water, rather than blocking the pipes/valves.

How it works

Merus Ring uses the innovative method of natural oscillation, which is different for different substances, and is able to remove the hard crust formed by the foreign substances. The method does not need any additional chemicals or energy source. As it is without any side effects, the water is perfect for drinking as well as any industrial use.

The Merus Ring is made from aluminum and causes oscillation in the fluid/water through the pipe. The Ring does not have to be in contact with the liquid.

Why is Merus Ring eco-friendly?

Merus Ring uses the innovative method of natural oscillationThe people at Merus believe that all life is interconnected, including the natural elements. The air, water, earth and all living beings are connected. Keeping with this belief, the company uses physics and the method of oscillation to treat water, rather than toxic chemicals.

For the past 20 years, Merus has been providing a sustainable service to people who want an environmentally friendly alternative for water treatment.

Merus also supports biodiversity by supporting a beekeeper. This is a small but noteworthy contribution, as it enables keeping of bees. We have already seen that many species of bees have disapperared over time.

And without bees, nature suffers, as the natural pollinators reduce in number. The pollination by bees helps plants breed, grow and produce food. Bees therefore help to kep farmed fruits and flowers as well as wild flowers and fruits to thrive. This in turn, helps humans who consume the food, and make a living by selling the produce. Thus, bees also help to keep the economy rolling.

How eco-friendly is Merus water treatment?

The actions we perform today affects tomorrow. In just a period of 2 centuries, after the industrial revolution, as well as the increase in the number of people on earth, mankind has disrupted the delicate balance of nature.

Millions of acres of forests have been destroyed and natural resources have dwindled. The waterways, rivers, seas, oceans, land and atmosphere have been polluted due to emissions and use of chemicals.

The Merus water treatment method has been designed to protect the environment from chemical pollution, which makes it an extremely eco-friendly method to treat water.

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