Honda FCTourer: A hydrogen powered concept with robotic design

Taking an inspiration from Asimo, the Honda robot, this car is designed by Diego Garcia, an Industrial Design Engineer. Named the Honda FCTourer it is a sportsbreak for four passengers. The car was the final project of the ‘Master of Styling and Automotive Design’ that was finished by the designer this year.

Honda FCTourer

The car is based on three aspects. Firstly, it’s the hydrogen engine of Honda that will power it. Secondly, is the robot Asimo for its design as when we look at the exteriors it can be clearly seen that the car has robotic design with large and soft surfaces with sharp edges. In fact, the front and the rear has few resembling elements reminding us of Asimo, a mask. Lastly, is the various solutions to minimize the environmental impact. The wheels imitating the four legs provide resting place to the main body above, which the interior of the car is built. Solar panels are also installed at three different areas of FCTourer.

In total, FCTourer is a fine example of vehicle we may be driving in the future. It is certain that there is hardly any possibility of this design turning a reality but innovative ideas should always be appreciated.

Via: Diego García Design

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