Honda aims to make hybrids even more eco friendly by recycling the batteries


Hybrid vehicles: the ‘green’ vehicles

The people from all over the world are adopting sustainable methods of living. The main reason behind this trending practice is the desire to save the world from the serious threats such as deforestation and global warming. Sustainable practices can be adopted in various aspects of our daily life such as we can wear eco friendly clothes and accessories, we can adopt sustainable methods of living and cleaning and some major car manufacturing companies have also developed hybrid cars. These hybrid cars are environmental friendly as they consume less fuel and run on electric motors.


More and more people from different parts of the world are switching to hybrid vehicles as they are equally efficient and a much better option as compared to conventional vehicles. Many major car manufacturers have introduced their hybrid vehicles in the market and Honda is one of them. Honda needs no formal introduction as it is a much known name of the automobile industry in the entire world. The Honda hybrid cars are very popular with people as they are perfect combination of style and sustainable technologies. Honda has decided to take its hybrid vehicles a notch higher by using batteries that are recycled. Let us move forth to know more about this latest development by Honda.


The Honda hybrids to get even more sustainable than before

The hybrid vehicles are good for the environment because they are capable of saving gasoline which means that these vehicles curb the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If the hybrid cars are able to do that then it is all thanks to be earth metal batteries installed in them. The name earth metal clearly says that these metals need to be mined from the earth and then it takes a long process to convert them into batteries for these vehicles.


This new pieces of news does not make hybrids as eco friendly as people consider them to be. Therefore Honda has decided to recycle the nickel metal hydride batteries in order to make them less threatening to the nature. Until Honda revealed its new model 2013 Accord Hybrid it had installed the nickel metal hydride batteries in all its hybrid vehicles. The new 2013 Accord Hybrid is installed with lithium-ion battery pack. Honda has shown its skill and innovation and has developed a method in order to recycle the nickel metal hydride batteries by addition of molten salt electrolysis to the metals.

 2013 Honda Insight

The resulting metal is almost ninety nine percent pure and the metals extracted directly from the earth are also ninety nine percent pure. More than 386 Honda hybrid vehicles were completely hampered by the earthquake that hit Japan. Honda is trying to recycle the batteries from that lot of hybrid cars so that they can be reused in other new cars. This initiative by Honda is worth appreciating as it is another step taken for saving the environment.


When Honda is all finished recycling the batteries from the cars hampered by the Japan earthquake then it will turn its attention towards the cars that are already running with the nickel metal hydride batteries. Honda plans on recycling them too by the time it is ready to launch the new generation of its hybrid vehicles. Honda seems to be sworn to reduce the harmful impact of the pollution caused by the vehicles and that is why it is trying hard to curb the emission of harmful gases. The hybrid cars from Honda are popular in the entire world for their latest technology.


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