Floating ‘pH Conditioner’ could clean air above skyscrapers

If you’ve ever lived on the ground floor of a sky scraper or even anywhere on the first 4 floors of one, you know just how badly street pollution affects the environment of your home. People living on higher floors claim that the air in their apartments isn’t as bad as what apartments closer to street level have. That assumption stands only marginally true as apartments on the higher floors of building are often plagued by smog. The polluted city air is a mixture of dust, emissions and environmental moisture that is way more dangerous than the kind of pollution that affects people living in street level apartments as smog doesn’t settle down on the floors and other surfaces and stays suspended in the air that people breathe.


Experts believe that people living on higher floors in skyscrapers should use indoor air filtration systems and house plants to counter smog though these still fail at preventing this polluted city air from harming inhabitants. However, designers Shi Jianwei, Huang Haiyang and Hao Tian have created a design proposal that looks to have air cleaning systems floating above the city to clean air more effectively. Dubbed the ‘pH Conditioner’, the design basically comprises of a hovering structure fitted with air cleaning systems and perhaps a few plants as well that would float 200-300 meters above the street level and clean up the smog.


One of the entries at the yearly Evolo Skyscraper competition, the ‘pH Conditioner’ design looks like giant jellyfish though it would activity contribute to the cleaning of city air. As by products, the purification system would produce water and fertilizer that could ultimately be used in city gardens and parks. The ‘pH Conditioner’ design was given an honorable mention along with 23 other designs in the competition.

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