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Hecta: A ‘green’ user friendly vehicle that fuses bicycle with an electric mechanism

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When we come across modernistic conceptualizations, the majority of the designs tend to flaunt their somewhat presumptuous and even vainglorious bearing. But if we talk about ‘down to earth’ practicality, it is the simplistic, credible conceptions that really matter in the massive commercial scheme of things. Well, the Yamaha Hecta is one among such very few facile contrivances that marries the high points of sustainability and innovation.


Conceived by designer James Harness, the Hecta has been envisaged as a simple fusion of a human powered bicycle, or rather a tricycle, and an electric vehicle. Coming to the visual essence, the conspicuous front section of the craft insinuates a heavily built chassis with curvaceous lines. In stark contrast, the rear part of the vehicle embodies a minimalist approach with a simple bicycle form and pedals.

As for the structural mechanism, this is where the designer effortlessly demonstrates his deft expertise. The bulky front component is covered by a stylized blue lexan top surface, which is fully removable. This structural ‘draping’ conceals a uniquely voluminous cargo space defined by light weight carbon fiber bearing. The hefty section is also supported by two hubless wheels, infused with sturdy electric motors and disk brake cooling.

Coming to the rear part, the simplistic single wheel frame encloses a fully integrated battery pack, along a with SRAM I-motion 9 hub gear system. As for maneuvering, the Hecta will pose as a hybrid ‘green’ vehicle with dual driving mechanism. This means the driver can use it as a conventional bicycle powered by pedaling, while the electrical circuitry can alternatively provide for an automatic yet low emission form of transportation.

And since we are talking about the intrinsic driving experience, the whole facet is improved upon by an advanced system of integrated computer with RFID sensor and GPS navigation capability, embedded along the front handles. So, at the end of the day, the Hecta certainly thrives to epitomize that novel essence of simplicity, intelligence and most importantly sustainability.

Via: JHarness

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