Have you checked your tire pressure?

tire pressure gauge

Can you remember the last time you checked your tire pressure? No? Well, in that case you should try and make it a regular habit to check your tire pressure at least once a month. If you do so, you will not only have a better ride quality, but, also improve your gas consumption.

Do you know by keeping the tires of your vehicle inflated to the correct pressure, you can save about 10 cents per gallon of gas? Great, is it not? Apart from saving money, you would also do you bit in becoming a better global citizen by not unnecessarily wasting precious fuel.

You will be glad to know that, this simple act of keeping the tire pressure at the correct level, helps to boost your fuel economy by almost 3.3 percent.

All you need to do in order to know the correct tire pressure of your vehicle is to check the cold inflation pressure (the pressure before the car is driven, so that the tires are not warmed up).

The recommended value of the cold inflation pressure is usually displayed on the owner’s manual, the sticker attached to the vehicle door edge, fuel door or glove box door. You would need a tire-pressure gauge to measure the pressure of the tires of your vehicle.

Incase, you own a Cadillac SRX or a Jeep Liberty, you will not require a tire-pressure gauge, as these vehicles come with built in tire pressure sensors.

I hope from now onwards, you will make it a habit to keep checking the tire pressure of your vehicle at regular intervals, and in this way not only improve your gas mileage, but, also help in saving some valuable fuel.


via: Mother Earth Living

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