Happy Thanksgiving Day in an Eco-Friendly Way


Its autumn folks and we all know what that means, Turkey Day is here! Thanksgiving Day is here to officially kick off the holiday season and bet you cannot wait for a sumptuous dinner, courtesy pies and turkey and cranberry. The time is ripe for some togetherness of family and friends, not to mention thanking everyone who has made a contribution toward your well-being.

However folks, think, what or who do you have to thank the most? Mother Earth mate. She is the one who makes it possible for you to live a healthy life and takes care of your well-being the most.

Time to return the favor, along with the Thanks You note. Join hands and promote an ecologically friendly Thanksgiving Day this year with these few tips.


The 3 Rs of Preservation

It is always best to make a start right from the start. “Reducing, Reusing and Recycling” should be your motto for an environmentally friendly Thanksgiving. Remember that though you are a free citizen, you have no right to waste. Buy in proportion and stick to only what you need. Reducing your usually longwinded list for a smaller substance filled one is certainly a big step toward a sustainable Thanksgiving.

Buy materials which can be reused or at any rate can be recycled. Promote in banning plastic bags from the environment by carrying your own or buy bags which can be used again. Several of the items in your list will certainly come in packages. Make sure that such packages can be recycled.

Give a rest to the use of paper napkins and paper plates. Plenty of aluminum, plastic, paper and glass containers and wastes will be left, recycle them. Make your own compost bin by using the vegetable and fruit trimmings, thereby adding to the health of the soil.


Choose the Local Produce

Whatever raw food or produce that you are planning to buy, make sure that you choose the ones grown locally. This will take care of not only the environment, but you health as well. Moreover, the fresh taste of the local food will enhance your cooking skills. Thank the produce men by contributing to their economic welfare.

An Organic Meal

Since this Thanksgiving you are saying grace to Mother Earth, make sure that you settle for organic food only. Once you cook and eat, it will taste surprisingly good and definitely not be detrimental to your health.

Travel Before or Stay at Home

Thanksgiving is a time for family. However, that does not have to necessarily mean that you have to travel somewhere that very day. You can either travel before or simply gather the people you stay with and prepare a feast. That way the usually heavy traffic in the highways will lessen, while the fuel consumption goes down, thereby reducing global warming.


Smart Traveling

If you must travel, there are ways to decrease the problems. Inflate your tires well, check that your car works well and turn off the engine in heavy lines. Try and choose carpooling if available.

Ecological Decorations

Time to use your imagination and don’t forget to include the kids. By the time you are done with your shopping, there are enough waste materials which can be cut and folded to make beautiful Pilgrim and harvest décor. For instance, colored manuals, bills and papers of instructions serve as great materials for decorations.

Ordinary kitchen constituents made Baker’s clay are another component which can be molded or shaped into holiday figurines. Color them with paint which are not toxic or with food colorants watch the fun.


All in all, make an effort. Do not forget to invite your neighbors and have a great feast together.

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