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Gyre9’s Green Revolution combines exercise with energy generation

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When most of us decide to engage in some work out, we usually consider visiting the gym or exercising at home. One of the most used work out equipments is exercise cycles. Easy to operate, they can be adjusted to various levels depending on how much of exercise you’re looking for. No matter how little time you have on your hands, getting on that bike and pedaling till you work up a sweat means that you’ve just given your body a boost. But what if you want to get more out of your bike? What if you could do something that could conserve the environment at the same time? Well, Green Revolution can help you do just that. The energy generating exercise bike not only lets you get your fitness level high but also uses your pedal power to create electricity.

Energy Generating Gymcycles

Gyre9 is the brains behind Green Revolution. Though the concept isn’t new, it’s catching on and inventions like Green Revolution can help to drive the quest for a greener world. The manufacturers have merged health, environment and energy into one and turned human effort into a form of usable and clean energy, which proves to be more productive for all.

The energy generating gym-cycle looks and functions exactly like a regular exercise bike. It’s connected to a scoreboard and lights up when a user uses the pedal. But, unlike conventional bikes that let your energy go to waste, Green Revolution harnesses it and uses it to power its bright display.

With the development of such equipment, more gyms are beginning to incorporate them. Not only does it help offset the load on a building’s electricity grid, but it gives users a sense worth knowing that they’re doing some good for the environment. Sportspeople also appear to have been bitten by the bug with NBA player Steve Nash purchasing 20 of these cycles for his personal gym.

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