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GROWUP: A smart concept to grow fresh fruits and vegetables

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Growup Hydroponic Indoor Farm concept

Shrinking household spaces have snatched the concept of kitchen gardens from our lives. Such gardens were a fresh source of raw food and definitely sans a lot of chemicals. Keeping the trend alive, but with a slight twist is the GROWUP that will make sure you get fresh supply of food whenever required.

GROWUP is a smart concept that will beautifully bring modern day technologies from the framing sector, consumer electronics and a smart design on a single a platform. The ingenious hydroponic Indoor Farming System is a great mix of the above mentioned elements that will make growing fresh vegetable and fruits easy. The GROWUP unit is a quite sleek and won’t consume much space in the kitchen. Farming is also getting traits from the modern world and could not escape the inflow of technology that the present day world comes with. Consumers are smart now-a-days and want things that make their lives easy and save precious time.

The whole concept has fetched heavy inspiration from the Vertical Farm by Dr. Dickson Despommier. It will without a second thought bring the whole process and magic of producing vegetables and fruits back in the lives of city dwellers that have been devoid of it because of the shortage of space. Agriculture keeps a person close to nature and injects a sense of love for the nature, which gives birth to a feeling of keeping it clean and green. GROWUP is portable as well as is modular in nature. It can be extended as per a user’s whims and fancies by adding more units. The awe-amazing concept can be used for single household as well as grocery stores where a lot of people visit on a daily basis.

Fruits and vegetable that we get from the market come loaded with invisible chemicals. These lead to a variety of health risks as they are not at all good for human beings. The worst part being we don’t even know the kind of pesticides and insecticides used, which is even dangerous. But, GROWUP will make sure you get to pamper the fruits and vegetable growing in it and treat them the way you want. Keep the smart looking unit on the shelf or near the kitchen window and see it beam with healthy life always.

GROWUP is smart and user-friendly that will bow down to all the needs of producing and consuming fresh as well as chemical-free fruits and vegetables.

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