Green Wheels: Arcspeed Sports roadster

Arcspeed Sports roadster

The green machine:

Car companies are making great efforts to contribute to the clean and green world by coming up with all electric drives. Joining the list is Arcspeed Sports Roadster, which is Australia’s first high performance all electric sports car. The roadster kills all thoughts that poke electric cars for being slow and ugly. It has an impressive façade that will make eyes pop and jaws drop in surprise. The green ride caters to international demands with its great performance and styling abilities. It is a great example of Australia’s contribution towards electric automotive technology. The topless roadster has a silhouette that is worth gawking at and power that will make it talk speed just like any other gas gulping coupe.

Green factor:

The electric supercar will come fitted with a lithium phosphate battery pack that is temperature controlled. This makes sure that the wastage of precious resources is kept to a minimum and a good use id made of alternate sources of energy. The eco-chic ride will impress car enthusiasts with its speedy abilities that too the green way. It will be an easy fit in the electric racing car category looking at the power it comes injected with. The sports coupe will prove to be a blessing in this polluted world and give a tough competition to gas driven rides.

The powertrain:

The car dictates power which will be evident as soon as you press the paddle and it zooms on the road leaving an everlasting impression. The eco-friendly ride will come wedged with an engine that will make it roar like an angry beast when unleashed. It will put an end to all rumors that say electric rides can never be as powerful as the gas guzzling beasts. The can-am styled Australian designed has all the critical components like chassis, body, drivetrain, vehicle control systems, and battery management in place. Arcspeed Sports Roadster can easily match up with the performance delivered by a supercar and will send in trill-chills. The mid-mounted electric motor is powerful enough to make the car jump from zero to 100kph in as less as 3.8 second, which is commendable. The car has an efficiency that is as high as 98 percent and can easily produce a torque of 522Nm or 385 pound-feet. The base has been fitted with a temperature controlled lithium phosphate battery pack that will make it roll for a good 150 km or 93 miles.

The highs:

The topless transporter has been crafted in a way to offer battery pack flexibility to the maximum. The batteries are continuously monitored by an advanced battery system, Batrium Technologies. It monitors as well as controls the charge and discharge rate plus the temperature. The coupe has extra space that can be utilized to place additional batteries if required. The advanced motoring systems will clearly display the amount of energy left. Charging the battery comes sans any effort and all it requires is 220 volt outlet, which will charge it in just four hours. Arcspeed Sports Roadster needs to be kept charged just like any other electronic gadget that graces your life. There are two onboard battery chargers present for all the power coated needs. The awe-amazing coupe has been designed keeping in mind the battery concepts that will rule the future times. Both right and left hand drive can be easily managed during production. Exact status about speed, range, battery and vehicle systems is displayed graphically, which is easy to read. Access the internet while traveling and get the best dose of entertainment as well. It will unfurl a truly incredible experience in this technology driven world with integrated iPad or PC tablet. Read emails and get traffic updates without any extra effort while you ride in the stylish Arcspeed Sports Roadster.

The lows:

Long drives will take a backseat as the all electric coupe has a range of just 150km. Though there is an option to double the range but this would mean additional coast as well as extra weight, which will decrease the performance of the coupe without a second thought.

Cost and availability:

The all-electric ride, Arcspeed Sports Roadster, is expected to come stashed with a price tag of at least $100, 0000, which makes half as expensive as other cars placed under this category. There is no word when will the stunning coupe be up for sale as of now but the coupe will surely deliver great performance and make heads turn with its tasteful outer skin.

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