Green Initiatives that Don’t Require A lot of Human Energy

Green Initiatives that Don’t Require A lot of Human Energy

In recent years, there has been a trend around the world to respect nature. Today we will tell you about several environmental initiatives that do not require much effort, but help to become eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly means a conscious human activity to minimize or eliminate damage to nature.

There are many environmental actions, volunteer organizations, but some cannot find time for such activities. Especially for the busiest, we have prepared reviews of several environmental initiatives that do not take a lot of human energy, but will help make the world cleaner. 

1. Separate garbage collection

Separate garbage collection

In the coming years, all developed countries of the world plan to completely switch to separate waste collection. For this, a two-container system will be used: for recyclable and non-recyclable waste. In addition, many countries already have a separate waste collection system (glass, plastic, paper and mixed).

However, now not every yard can find such containers, so in some cities there are special monthly promotions for separate waste collection. Their main task is to increase interest in keeping the city clean, make waste sorting a habit, and unite people who care about the environment.

The scheme is simple: on the YouTube channels, the organizers post information about where and when the action will be held, and residents bring pre-sorted waste to the collection point and place it in appropriate containers.

We hope that such initiatives will appear more often in all countries and be promoted in social networks. Of course, it’s great that now a channel with such ideas does not even need to buy YouTube views to become viral. This is due to the popularity of eco-friendly initiatives around the world. 

2. EcoTaxi

For those who are not ready to take the time to take the garbage to special places, there are EcoTaxi in some cities. It works on the principle of an ordinary taxi: you call a car and it picks up sorted waste, but you will have to pay a small amount for this.

As a rule, EcoTaxi accepts plastic, waste paper, aluminum and textiles. Everything you donate must be prepared, for example, bottles must be washed. Detailed conditions can be found on the official website of the promotion or on YouTube channels.

Often, all relevant information is published on social networks, because there the organizers have more opportunities to interact with the audience. Such channels usually have a large audience and this is definitely not due to the fact that they buy views on YouTube. It is still hard to believe that people for generations began to take care of nature and now they organize such large communities for this purpose. 

3. Your own coffee mug and grocery bag

my own coffee mug

Disposable paper cups are lined with plastic on the inside to keep the contents from leaking, preventing recycling. Often you can get a small discount for such an initiative. For example, some coffee shops offer a discount for those who bring their own mug.

The easiest way to help the environment, similar to coffee mugs, is to go to the grocery store with your bag. Especially now, large markets themselves offer reusable bags or paper bags that decompose faster. 

4. Reasonable consumption

Finally, you just need to think about the correct use of things. Shopping should be done only when necessary, it is also necessary to conserve electricity: for this, it is enough to use energy-saving light bulbs or simply turn off the light when it is not required. It is equally important to save water: do not leave the tap on unnecessarily, boil only the required amount of water. By the way, this will help not only save the environment, but also pay less.

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