Green gifts: Top 5 eco friendly cameras

Eco friendly Camera

The world is entering into a new era, where everyone wishes to be eco-friendly. Therefore, we bring to you a series of cameras that use natural resources or shun the use hazardous chemicals. These days even printer cartridges go in for ‘green’ printing which allows you to preserve nature. But the eco-friendly range doesn’t ends here. The world’s biggest camera makers like Canon, Nikon and Olympus are also looking towards greener pastures.

This is the reason why some Canon cameras, like the EOS Rebel T2i, don’t have lead parts which are dangerous to the environment. Cellphone manufacturer Nokia, offers recycling facilities for its products, particularly batteries. Check out the eco-friendly cameras listed below if you want your photography to preserve nature.

1. Olympus EVOLT E-410


Price: US$ 699.99

Manufacturer: Olympus

Description: This eco product reduces carbon footprint and uses sustainable resources for product packaging. The product also uses environment friendly manufacturing process. At the same time, the camera is ergonomically designed for better comfort in handling and offers an amazing display that provides clarity. The 10 megapixels Live-MOS sensor enables immense detail in photographs. The product has a dust free lens and several options for manual control of flash. This is an excellent camera for those who are concerned about protecting nature without compromising upon the quality of the camera.

Buy now: You can buy this product from Amazon where you can order fresh or used pieces. The used pieces are available for around US$ 390.

2. Digicams from Japan

Digicam from Japan

Price: US$ 187

Manufacturer: Canon

Description: Japan has decided to reduce its carbon footprint and, therefore, several different camera manufacturers are using eco-friendly materials to manufacture their product. Canon has created and launched a disposable camera that is made from recycling dead mobile parts. It reuses the phones’ LCD panels. The product will later try to incorporate used recycled materials to make lens and other camera parts too. This is an 8 megapixel camera that clicks great shots in different kinds of lighting. Soon, this eco-friendly product might be made from 100% recycled materials and will be helpful in creating greener pastures for a brighter future.

Buy now: This digicam will be soon available in stock at

3. The solar camcorder

Solar Camcorder

Price: US$ 117.13

Manufacturer: NA

Description: This compact camcorder comes with a rechargeable battery that uses solar power. The flip up section has solar panels that can charge the battery every time it’s exposed to sunlight. The product efficiently uses a 12 MP image sensor and records high definition videos in 720×480 pixel resolution. This small and compact camcorder is the world’s first HD camcorder to use dual solar panels for charging. For sure, this camcorder points towards a brighter future as it uses renewable and easily available resources of energy to function effectively. The batteries are usable for 12 minutes for every hour the solar panels are kept in sunlight.

Buy now: You can buy this product from Chinavasion for a minimum retail price which decreases if you buy the product in more quantity.

4. BenQ DC C1030

BenQ DC C1030

Price: US$ 58.95

Manufacturer: Benq

Description: This environment friendly camera comes with eco-friendly packaging along with efficient energy management. It makes our planet greener by using 10% recycled materials. This is a 10 MP camera which features an LCD screen for better viewing of pictures. The product also uses sustainable and non-hazardous chemicals and products during manufacturing. This eco-friendly camera is not just sustainable, but also clicks excellent pictures at a high resolution. This is surely a sturdy and eco-friendly product.

Buy now: The product can be purchased at a discounted rate with warranty from ebay. You can also purchase this product in a large quantity and get further discounted rates for every piece. Surely, this is a good buy.

5. DURUS digital camera


Price: NA

Manufacturer: DURUS

Description: This camera is made from titanium which makes it environment friendly and it can be effectively recycled after 5 years, its average life. This is a great alternative for those who wish to go green with their products. Also, this is a sustainable camera and doesn’t use any hazardous products or chemicals during manufacturing process. This DURUS camera hasn’t been officially launched but its images have surfaced on the internet and one can see that the product is efficient and has almost no carbon footprint.

Buy now: The information about buying this product is currently unavailable.

Surely, these cameras have inspirational designing and manufacturing. They clearly motivate individuals to click images without disturbing the balance of nature. They are an eco-friendly way of saying, ‘Cheese!’

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