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Green Energy Revolution in the Gulf

by Ecofriend1874

Insurrection Of Solar Power In Gulf

Climate Conference held at IRENA headquarters in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, oil-rich gulf nation to get entry to renewable energy. To the centre of desert area around 140 km away from Abu Dhabi’s major oil centre is located an array of curved mirrors flicker in shining sun. The first CSP or “Concentrated Solar Power” Plant in middle-east region will soon deliver eco-friendly power to more than 20,000 homes. This oil rich country intends to cover up 7% of total energy need together with renewable source by 2020. Other than Abu Dhabi, Regions proximate to Dubai propose to accomplish target of 5%. Qatar, being the largest exporter of LPD or “Liquid Petroleum Gas” planning to achieve 20% by 2030.

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Major Interest Of Corporate World In Green Energy

IRENA or “International Renewable Energies Agency” laid down its foundation two years back with head office in Abu Dhabi. Leading purpose of locating headquarters was very logical and significant as per the statement of Frank Wouters. Without any doubt, use of solar energy in Gulf regions makes a financially viable sense. For Saudi Arabia, it is quite cheap to produce energy than burning expensive oil at 100 dollars. Allan Walker complements Masdar Investment’s Executive Director that investment of oil producers in renewable energy is “Greenwashing”. According to Walker, Masdar Investment has no such plans unless they can make good return on investment despite the fact that they have worked in financing oil and power projects.

Plans To Improve On Exceptional Green Marks 

Gulf States have evolved as countries with highest per-capita emission of carbon dioxide in the world. According to Bader Al-Malki, Clean Energy Unit’s Director at Masdar, Gulf States is energy sensitive and young nations when it comes to growth mode. He also alluded to harsh weather conditions as the leading cause behind high energy-consumption of countries for desalination of marine water and air-conditioning. In upcoming years, Abu Dhabi continues to come up with energy-saving strategies and plans to expand energy mix for including renewable. Abu Dhabi has bequest of evolving as energy player of world engaged in delivering hydrocarbon resources to world for last few decades.

Al Lakshmi mentioned in a conversation with Deutsche Welle that supply of hydrocarbon resources has turned out to be a keystone for stepping in the world of renewable energy. Abu Dhabi believes that new sector can bring about better job opportunities for local residents. There is no doubt that you will rarely find solar modules on rooftops and Photovoltaic is still not attractive for individual customers according to Simon Breuniger, an energy expert with four-years working experience at Masdar. Authorities are planning to take on feed-in-tariff together with lines of one that help solar energy make breach in Germany.


Green Investments in Foreign Country

Renewable energy does not keep significance for Abu Dhabi in order to generate power for domestic use. Growth in international market has opened up manifest opportunities for promising investment. Masdar is also engaged in developing high-tech solar power setup in Spain and owns 20% of London Array that is largest offshore wind power farm located towards the shoreline of England. Head of institute at Paris for IDDRI or “Sustainable Development and International Relations”, Laurence Tubiana said that investment power can be most imperative contribution of wealthy region to global development of renewable source of energy. Tubiana further added that presentation of United Nation Network for development solutions of green energy at Eco-Friendly Week held during January despite the fact that transition in region was quite steady. This has unveiled the compliance of Gulf State to spend in state-of-the-art and innovative technologies that can avail you with long-term return and help renewable energy to grow more competitive.


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