Global Warming as the Main Problem of the Modern Society

global warming

Global warming is considered one of the main challenges faced by the modern society. Hence, it is not surprising that this topic is widely discussed on the local and international levels. Ecologists suggests plans to address the problem, while politicians make decisions on the highest level to slow down this process and prevent its harmful consequences. Students write different research papers, such as an essay on Global Warming or a report to learn more about this issue. But, what can a regular person do to save the planet? It may seem that individual contribution does not matter, but it is not true – global processes take their roots in the simplest actions.

 How to Stop Global Warming?

So, what can you do to prevent global warming? Here are some professional recommendations that can help you change your lifestyle and start living in harmony with nature:

  1. The rule of three “R’s”

One of the basic rules that has recently gained popularity is three “R’s.” What does it mean? Three “R’s” refer to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and focus on waste as the major source of environmental contamination. So, try to reduce waste somehow, for example, by buying products without packing or with minimal packing. Try to reuse different materials: a glass bottle can be used many times compared to a plastic one. Remember about waste sorting, as it enables effective recycling.

  1. Turn off all unnecessary electrical appliances

The invention of electricity has made our lives better and easier, but it has also affected the planet enormously. Therefore, there is a growing awareness that you should limit the use of electricity received from non-renewable resources. Moreover, this measure has practical usefulness for your budget. Just think about it!

  1. Use less hot water

Energy is required to make water hot, so make sure you do not waste this precious resource. If water is heated by electricity, reduced consumption may help decrease emission to the atmosphere. Try to spend less time in the shower and always turn off the water when you do not use it (e.g., wash your teeth).

  1. Use public transport instead of your own car

Having a car is convenient and highlights your social status. However, you should not forget that cars adversely affect the environment by increasing greenhouse emissions. Millions of cars ride every day in big cities, making the air too contaminated to breathe. The gases that they emit aggravate the problem of global warming and have both immediate and long-term effects on people’s health. Moreover, constant traffic jams are extremely stressful, so choose public transport when possible and drive responsibly.

  1. Plant trees

Deforestation increases the greenhouse effect; therefore, the best you can do in this situation is to plant trees in your own garden. Certainly, several trees cannot solve such a big problem, but if all people planted at least one tree in their lifetime, it would mean much for the environment.

Hopefully, you will put into practice these simple tips, thus making your contribution to saving the planet from global warming. Remember that even small things matter and try to be a responsible citizen.

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