Gift Ideas: What Are the Best Crystals for Gifts?

Crystals for Gifts

Crystals are more than glimmering stones. These minerals can provide its owner with several benefits. Specific crystals are excellent for enhancing relationships, whereas others offer crystal-bearers with inner peace.

Perhaps, you want a person you hold near and dear to your heart to experience these advantages. Continue reading to know the best crystals you can give as gifts.

Crystals for Gifts1. Clear Quartz

Touted as the “Master Healer” for many individuals, clear quartz presents healing versatility to its bearer. This mineral magnifies the vibrations surrounding it, causing powerful cleansing effects to help counteract negative energies.

The clear quartz should be one of the best crystals for gifts, especially for someone who has been experiencing negativity as of late. Give it to a person who needs de-stressing from their everyday life. Tell that individual to sit quietly with the stone in hand. Then, let the stone’s clarity radiate positive energies through the body and mind.

2. Rose Quartz

Pink is a color associated with love, and that thought is appropriate for the rose quartz. Give this gem to a person who feels out of touch with the world. This crystal can help restore harmony and trust in different relationships.

Love doesn’t need to be the mutual and unique bond that two people share that may lead to matrimony. But this feeling creates close connections to help provide calm and comfort in times of grief.

However, the purpose of the rose quartz isn’t only for encouraging nothing but love. Give this crystal to people who also need to find respect, trust, and self-worth.

3. Amethyst

Invite inner peace to another person’s life with the help of an amethyst. This crystal helps provide focus and tranquility by calming the mind. It’s an ideal present for people who wish to connect with their inner selves.

The properties of the amethyst provide excellent aid for maintaining the balance of the mind. Meditate with this crystal in hand to help taper mood swings or calm emotional imbalances.

Offer an amethyst to people who meditate or practice yoga to help them gain even more mental benefits from this stone.

4. Fluorite

Fluorite crystals emit a greenish glow, but this gem also comes in a range of other hues. Aside from its beautiful and natural luster, this crystal helps ward off negative energies coming from everyday life.

Give this crystal to a person who doesn’t need the extra negativity at work. Let the stone gather and bounce off negative energies to help cleanse and maintain a peaceful state of mind for its bearer.

5. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a combination of minerals made from other crystals like calcite, pyrite, and lazurite. This gem helps promote physical wellness as it delivers positive energies to combat illnesses.

The healing powers of lapis lazuli can be ideal for people who need help in boosting their immune systems. Give it as a gift for people who have problems with their nervous system as the gem’s energies can help clean both the body and mind.

Lapis lazuli may also help its bearer reconnect with spiritual guardians. When looking for crystals you can give as gifts, offer this crystal to people who may have lost faith in their religious roots to help them reconnect with their spiritual origins.

6. Selenite

Add selenite as one of your eco-friendly gifts to people who like naturally-occurring presents. However, this crystal will be more than just a “pretty paperweight” as it offers cleansing auras to its owner.

Nicknamed by many folks as “Liquid Light,” selenite offers energizing auras to help cleanse and recharge the soul. Give this gem as a present to someone who you think needs a pick-me-upper in life. This crystal can help ward off negative energies associated with depression and sadness.

Moreover, selenite helps enhance the effects of surrounding gems. If the person is already a proud owner of other crystals, selenite will help increase the positive effects brought by these other gems.

7. Citrine

Citrine helps solidify leadership and creative personalities. The stone can also be a symbol of wealth. Give this gem as a present for someone who might need an extra helping of self-confidence.

This crystal may help you attract more wealthy energies than before. Place this mineral on top of crisp bills to symbolize that money is coming into your home. The owner of this gem can also burn some sage to help clear the air of negativity and invite positive visualizations to their careers.

But don’t forget to impart words of knowledge to the receiver of this stone. Citrine can help bring more wealth to a household, but the crystal-bearer should still prioritize hard work instead of looking at this beautiful gem all day.

8. Agate

Agate, or “The Stabilizer” for some people, is a stone offering supportive energies for when an individual needs stability in their life. Aside from its natural and magnificent beauty, agate presents a dreamy aesthetic made of symmetrical bands or rings delivering its trademark appearance.

The stone’s protective qualities anchor its owner to the Earth to help boost balance and centeredness. Give it to someone who might feel lost or thinks that they no longer have a direction in life. This crystal helps its owner slow down in a fast-paced world so he or she can move forward in life with ease and grace.

9. Celestite

Celestite comes from caelestis, a Latin word meaning celestial. Its name makes sense when you look at its properties.

This crystal imparts harmony and tranquility to its owners. These characteristics are ideal for anyone who finds it challenging to acquire rest at night. Give this gem to a person living in the fast lane. Let that individual find peace and solitude.

Offer a blissful sleep filled with peace and serenity with the help of celestite. Give this stone to a person who has trouble sleeping because of a hyperactive mind.

10. Bloodstone

The bloodstone is an excellent crystal for people who have experienced one too many unfortunate events. This crystal offers powerful energies that help restore and rebuild the body and mind. Its characteristics present its owners with essential healing traits to help return the inner spirit to states of joy and vitality.

Aside from its spiritual properties, the bloodstone is also an aesthetically pleasing crystal that goes well with accessories. Its dark and earthy colors can be the centerpiece to an endurance bracelet. Offer this trinket to an individual in need of radiant energies to renew their sense of resilience and vigor wherever they go.

11. Chrysocolla

Known to many folks as “The Goddess Stone,” chrysocolla imparts feelings of strong empowerment, education, and self-expression. Its traits help stimulate and calm the mind to bring incredible focus to life goals.

Chrysocolla is an ideal gift to women who wish to emphasize their words and actions in their chosen channels. This gem provides prosperity and eagle-eye sensitivity towards other people, thereby making it an excellent present for women in the business world.

Give a chrysocolla crystal heart to a woman who you think needs a boost in mental and spiritual empowerment. Let that person use this gem’s empowering traits to magnify feelings of courage, which can be ideal for public speaking events.

12. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline provides owners with a spiritual force field to block and banish negativity. Many healers and shamans use this crystal because of its protective and grounding characteristics.

This gem helps heal the different facets of physical, emotional, and spiritual stability. It can banish negative energies to help energize the everyday life of the receiver of this gift. You can also suggest putting this stone in a gym bag to help bring additional focus to exercise routines, especially for those “not-quite-feeling-it” days.

13. Jade

Do you know someone who feels detached from this world? If so, give that individual a jade stone. This crystal presents its bearer with serene and calming energies.

These properties help people find inner calm and self-acceptance. Moreover, jade also helps people tap their inner creativities to endow inspiration when a creative wall blocks their thoughts.

As a bonus, the jade crystal also helps alleviate some physical pain. Roll this gem on areas with cramps to help bring balance to that region.

14. Tiger Eye

Give a tiger eye crystal to a person with that go-getter” attitude. This gem helps enhance feelings of awareness while promoting financial wealth. Furthermore, keeping this stone close helps minimize stress coming from daily life.

Tell the new owner of this crystal to hold the stone when the pressure seems to come from every direction. The tiger eye’s properties will help bring clarity to challenging situations, making it an ideal present for company executives.

Let the tiger eye crystal imbue strength to its bearer to help them succeed in work and life.

15. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a beryl, which is a hard and brittle mineral. It’s a transparent gem, and it ranges from light to dark blue. It’s also an expensive stone and sometimes called the “poor man’s sapphire.” Aquamarine has a blue to blue-green color that is a favorite among many. The iridescent shades of aquamarine are fun to work with and make an outstanding ring. Aquamarine can be used as a substitute for many other gemstones.

Aquamarine is a stone that brings about a balance between mind, body, and spirit. It aids in protecting the wearer from harm, and it’s also said to ward off hostility and anger. Aquamarine may help the wearer achieve peace of mind, and it’s believed to be good for the wearer’s overall health. This is an excellent stone for anyone who wishes to experience inner peace, boost intellect and creativity, and aid in logic and reasoning.

16. Garnet

Garnets come in many different shapes and colors, although the most common is dark red. The rare ones are colored red-brown, orange, and green. Garnets are used as gemstones for the eyes, nose, and mouth. These crystals can also be used for gem jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

Garnets are highly beneficial to health by helping to reduce inflammation and pain, relieve stress, and strengthen the immune system. Garnet has extraordinary healing powers and may help reduce depression and anxiety, increase energy, improve sleep, strengthen muscles, help with digestion, promote weight loss, heal injuries, reduce stress, and increase stamina.

Final Thoughts

Different crystals exist for various people. You can find and give gems to individuals who need more happiness, stability, or wealth. Give an appropriate gem as a present to help combat and prevent negative energies from everyday stressors. The right crystal can benefit the owner with excellent physical, mental, and spiritual health. However, crystal owners need to have an open mind to gain these benefits. Otherwise, these stones might be nothing more than paperweights.

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