Free Tree Removal: Myth or Fact? Read On to Find Out!

Free Tree Removal: Myth or Fact

Trees are a natural part of the environment, but they can also be hazardous to people and property if they’re not properly maintained. Tree removal is important when trees sail past their Safe and Useful Life Expectancy in an urban environment and become hazardous.

In 99% of cases you will need to pay a tree service to remove a tree for you, but there are cases where free tree removal is possible. We go through those cases below.

1. Call power companies

Get in touch with power companies to cut down trees that prevent power lines from being accessed. They will cut down the trees for you for free and carry out any needed repairs and the best part is that they will be doing it for free.

Power companies do not usually cut down trees unless necessary, but if there are power lines involved then this is something they take seriously; Tree removal Melbourne services also know the importance of these tasks and how dangerous cutting down trees can be to people and property, which means you don’t need to worry about any injuries.

2. Hiring Tree Removal Melbourne Services

Tree removal services can also be hired to cut down trees for free. Tree cutting may not always cost money, especially if you are hiring a tree company that is willing to cut down the tree without charging any fees at all! Tree removal companies only charge when they have to use their equipment and when they are in danger. Tree services will always offer their services for free if the tree is not too high, but this doesn’t mean you can get them to cut down trees that are very tall for no cost!

3. Sign up with Tree Removal Melbourne Services

Tree removal companies often have sign-up deals or monthly plans which allow customers to receive tree removal services for free. Tree cutting deals are often offered by companies that want to keep customers happy and healthy, which is why they offer deals like this in the first place! Tree removal plans can be very affordable too if you’re willing to pay for a monthly deal; many of these deals only include one small fee per month so it’s easy to save money without even noticing!

4. Call the local fire department

Contact your local fire department to help with tree removal because it might be a hazard in case of an emergency. Tree removal will be free if your tree is a threat or in danger of damaging nearby homes and property. The fire department might not always cut down trees, but they do it when needed to keep the area safe for everyone!

They will often cut down trees for free if they are deemed hazardous and important enough such as around schools or hospitals.

5. Contact local council

If a tree is blocking important roads or pathways then it will be cut down immediately. Tree removal Melbourne companies know the importance of cutting down trees for free around schools and hospitals because these places need to remain open at all times! Contacting your local council is an excellent way of getting tree services for no cost, especially if you can’t afford one on your own; this goes for people who want to cut down trees for free as well.

6. Do it yourself

People who are good with tools and their hands can cut down trees for free by themselves. Tree cutting is not something that should be taken lightly or done without the proper training, but it’s possible to do some tree removal on your own if you’re careful! Tree services will often leave a stump behind after they’ve removed the tree because this makes it easier for the homeowner to control their lawn. Tree removal Melbourne services also provide a stump grinding service if you want your tree stumps removed completely, but this is something that needs to be done by professionals because it’s dangerous on its own!

7. Give free firewood

Tree services often have more wood than they need after cutting down a tree, which means you can take some of the free firewood if needed! Tree removal Melbourne companies might not be able to cut all of that into small pieces for your fireplace or stove, but this is an excellent way to get rid of excess firewood without paying money. Ben McInerney from Go Tree Quotes says free tree removal in exchange for firewood is the best way to go about it. Tree services will often leave the cut wood behind after they have done their work because it’s not needed, which means you can take some of this free firewood if your fireplace needs a refill. Tree removal is important to most people and companies so don’t worry about paying for any services!

8. Ask friends and family to help

Cutting down trees for free is possible through friends and family who don’t mind helping out! Tree removal services will often come up with creative ways to get rid of the wood, which means you can ask them if they need any help. Tree companies are always more than happy to give away extra wood because it’s not needed on their end; this is a great way to get free firewood if you’re in need! Tree removal Melbourne services will often leave the cut wood behind after they have done their work because it’s not needed, which means friends and family can help themselves to some of this free firewood.

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