Make a Fashion Statement with Sustainable Products

Make a Fashion Statement with Sustainable Products

Many fashion products can be harmful to the environment as the production practices can impact the planet and its inhabitants. Unfortunately, billions of animals suffer and die for clothing and accessories each year, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

If you want to protect the environment while maintaining your style, you must be mindful of your purchases. Make a fashion statement by using sustainable products that prioritize environmental safety. Here are some ways to ensure that the product you’re using is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

1. Research the Company’s Values

right choice product When a company’s goals are to create sustainable products, they share their values with the audience. Visit their website and read about their mission and the steps they take to ensure environmental safety. For example, a vegan footwear and shoes company is likely to share their steps to create eco-friendly products on their website and mention how they source materials.

During your research, you may also find reviews from other customers to help you determine whether the product is the right choice. A company that promises to protect the environment will be transparent about its steps throughout the production process.

2. Read the Product Labels

When assessing a product to determine its sustainability, read the labels about the materials used, the origin of production, and reusability or recycling capability.

The fashion industry has a new product label to mark sustainability metrics known as the Impact Index. The system features a digital logo that will appear on the product website for garments, displaying the environmental or ethical criteria the garment meets. The initial categories include raw materials, animal welfare, chemical usage and education and empowerment.

Since this is a relatively new feature, not all brands have embraced it yet. But, you can still find more about a product by reading the labels, visiting the website, and speaking to someone working for the company.

3. Seek Marks of Sustainability Approval


Sometimes companies label their products as eco-friendly even if they don’t meet the criteria. Look for products approved by certifying bodies, such as U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Fairtrade International, or Leaping Bunny, to avoid being misled. You might come across various other organizations authorized to approve sustainability claims of a product.

4. Learn to Recognize Greenwashing

When companies make false claims to be environment-friendly by marketing themselves as sustainable without minimizing their environmental impact, it is known as greenwashing. It is an advertising gimmick that deceives buyers for profit. To combat the issue, the U.K.’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) release the Green Claims Code, a guide to help identify false environmental claims.

Greenwashing can harm a brand’s reputation while discouraging customers from trusting eco-friendly brands. When some companies start to make false claims, it becomes challenging for customers to believe the brands that are being transparent and loyal.

Take your time to find out which brands are indeed vegan, eco-friendly, and sustainable. You can still look your best without sacrificing your style and continue to take steps to protect the environment.

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