Footwear Manufacturers Go Green by Introducing Shoe Range Made from Plastic Bottles

Shoe Range Made from Plastic Bottles

Plastic disposal is the big concern for every nation, having to look at the adverse effect of disposing of it in an incorrect way. A company in San Francisco has come up with a concept of recycling the waste plastic into a women’s shoes.

The latest technology introduced converts plastic into a fabric through compressing it into a thin fiber. The fiber is produced especially from plastic bottles that Americans use in large quantities. The shoe sports a tri-layer, and the outer part is made up of an eco-friendly material.

About the company of the latest technology:

plastic bottle

The star company is named after its founder, Rothy. The whole idea got wings in 2016 and there is no looking back. The company is planning to expand its business by trading internationally. The plastic bottles that are buried in landfills are the source that works as raw material for this product.

The company claims to have extracted five million plastic bottles as their raw material. The shoes that they are offering all over USA are far from being a Page-3 concept of a Milan Fashion Week show stopper, but are instead very basic. These are flat shoes that can cost up to a hundred and forty-five dollars.

A team of twenty has raised seven million and they have not yet created any men’s shoes. The company is planning to meet the excessive demand by supplying in larger quantities. 

Advantages of using plastic bottles:

Reduced generation of waste:

waste plastic bottles

The processed material always costs more than the original one as the technique used to recycle it increases the cost of production of the recycled goods finally derived. The company has kept the concern of not producing over and above the unavoidable waste during the production. It has successfully achieved its target of reducing the amount of waste production by present shoe companies.

Simple to use and maintain:

The company is keen on keeping the product extremely simple for daily use. It is also shifting its focus towards producing similar simpler products. The best part about the product is that it is washable and can be used as a brand-new product even after the wash.

Cost-effective and provides value for money:

cost effective

The price they are charging is worth as the shoe has a long life. The price range is a little on the higher side not because the owners are looking to milk this concept, but because the production cost is indeed high.

Comfortable and affordable:

Some have raised complaints regarding water damage caused to the shape and the looks of the shoe but the company, on a contrary, claims it to be bulge-free even after a quick wash. The shoe is soft on the soles since it is given a smooth rubber padding, and feels nowhere close to hard plastic.

Marketing techniques and strategies:


The company didn’t have any marketing strategies involving a separate team but instead relied on word-of-mouth publicity and pop-up shops. Recently, it hired a proper team for the promotion of the product. This is so that they can get a good exposure to reach out to the masses. This will give them an opening to recycle their plastic bottles into brand-new and proper shoes.

The factory is located in South China and is conducting a step-by-step procedure from buying the plastic to recycling it. They start by hot sterilization to chopping them into tiny little pieces. It takes six minutes to get a particular shape.Currently only two styles are being manufactured: round-toe and pointed-toe shoes.

The three-dimensional printer makes the process of knitting the shoe as easy as a cake walk. Normally, these shoes are knitted in two-dimension, but this new concept of knitting in three-dimension is the latest way to produce good quality shoes. The lady cobbler does the final task of assembling and packing.


The main attraction and the biggest marketing technique about the company is that their female employees wear their own product. One such shoe is made up of approximately three plastic bottles.

The concept started with the problem of using plastic bottles in large quantities and failing to recycle the same. The natural decomposition of plastic can take up to one thousand years and that is way too long. Let us hope this new concept, which has gained tremendous popularity on global stage and is getting featured in renowned businesses and news portals, gets practically accepted too.

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