Five waste products that you didn’t know can be recycled

Recycling saves on many resources and cleans up the environment. If you wish to keep your home and environment green, then think of items that you can recycle or give away for recycling. You would usually know about paper, plastic, glass bottles or metals getting recycled, several things around us are recyclable while we are unaware of these. Check out a few such things that you didn’t know about when you thought of recycling.


  • Gift cards: Many of you would be receiving shopping or gift cards that keep lying in your drawers and never get used up. But, did you know that these are recyclable and can be traded to collect cash? Yes, you can hand them over to agencies, such as Gift Card rescue, which collect gift cards and pay you some cash or check in return. this is definitely better than keeping these invalid or expired cards in your drawer. You may not get the same value for the card as it holds, but an invalid card is anyways of no use. Additionally, gift cards are made of PVC that’s recyclable. So, if you have used old cards, you may bundle them and give away to recycling agencies that offer you points in return of these cards.
  • Cooking oil: Many biodiesel firms and recycling centers ask for used cooking oil and pay you cash in return. Some individuals also trade used cooking oil for cash or offers. This is because they heat up their homes using oil in the winter season. But since this practice is new, you will have to search online for such places that take used cooking oil from households.


  • Shoes: You may not feel like donating your rough shoes or throwing them in a landfill. One good solution is to give them for recycling. Nike accepts your shoes with rubber soles and recycles them. It does not matter which brand of shoes you have or what condition are they in. Just find your nearest drop-off location of Nike and put your shoes there.
  • Tires: Several facilities also accept used tires that have gone to become junk. You might also get some cash in return for these old tires. These old tires get recycled to become new tires, asphalt or some rubber products.


  • Human hair: Don’t just get a haircut and leave your hair on the parlor ground. You may get some good money for your natural hair. Various hair extension companies, hair weavers and wig makers buy hair for a good price. You may also donate your hair to organizations that collect it to help those children who have lost their hair due to some illnesses.

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