Five Most Important Features of an Eco-Friendly Home

Important Features of an Eco-Friendly Home

Our homes are important, we spend a lot of time in them and we want them to be special, but we need to consider our bigger home, the earth. The goal should be to make an eco-friendly and maybe even carbon neutral building. Here are some areas where things can be improved.

Must you Build

Before we begin, it is important to consider whether a new construction is necessary? An estate agent from this site, Local Agent Finder in Victoria, may find you an eco-friendly option, already constructed. 

1. Insulation

worker insulating home The single most important factor of an eco-friendly home is the insulation. Particularly if you live in an area of extreme heat or cold. A house is constructed once, so that environmental cost is a one-time charge, but energy consumption continues, even if you are using renewable sources, there is still a cost. Insulation is the best way to keep your house carbon neutral. Insist on maximum insulation wherever possible. 

2. Energy

Energy is the main discussion when we are considering reducing our impact on the environment. When choosing a new home, it is important to consider the source of the power available. But if it is difficult to find an area powered by renewables you should then consider if you convert the home to producing its own power through solar panels. You might also consider a biomass boiler or a heat pump if you have a supply of either biomass or natural heat.

3. Technology

add-smart-features-to-your-homeToday we have access to many more technological wonders and smart features for our homes. It is an excellent idea to consider smart features in your home that turn off unneeded light and lower the heat or air conditioning when these things are not being used. In fact, the switch to a smart home might be the best thing you can do to reverse some of the less eco-friendly features of your current home.

4. Lighting

Lighting is something we can get for free most of the day, and so we really shouldn’t be paying for it or burning fuel to make it. If you are looking for an eco-friendly house, or you want to convert your own. Increasing the natural lighting is one way to go, and it can also be a major improvement to the house and increase its value. One drawback is that increased natural lighting can raise heating or cooling costs.

5. Materials

steel for roofs is also a good wayThis is a concern for new homes mostly. The materials from which you build your home are a big consideration. From the energy efficiency of the materials, to the processes involved in their manufacture. We should always do our utmost to consider the big picture. Natural materials that are renewable are best, beyond that long-lasting materials, like steel for roofs is also a good way to cut your impact.

Obviously, we are going to have to use resources and energy to build our homes. But we should always consider if there is a better method, a better material, or a better design. A house that lasts and uses the least amount of energy is the best for the planet. Consider each step carefully.

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