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Everything You Need to Know About Magnetic Flow Meters

Know About Magnetic Flow Meter

When it comes to wastewater processing, you require an optimal tool. The Magmeter is often the ideal choice for dealing with unclean fluid, be it water-based or conductive. There are two types of Magmeters, and they include the ultrasonic flow meters and the electromagnetic flow meters. While the ultrasonic flow meters often measure the slurry flow rate, they are rather costly. That’s why it be best to use them later. Here’s everything you should know about these flow meters.

Tips for selecting the magnetic flow meter?

Magnetic flow meterWhen choosing the best magnetic flow meter, you need to be extra careful lest you make a mistake.

First, you need to figure out if your fluid or slurry is abrasive or not.  Take time to see whether it’s also water-based or conductive.

Second, you’ll need to check if you’ll be requiring a remote display or an integral display. One also needs to see if you’ll be needing an analog output or not.

Third, check to see the minimum and the maximum process pressure and temperature, not forgetting the pipe size.

The monotonous types of magnetic flowmeters

If you’re wondering if there are different flowmeters, you’re right. There are three of them. To choose one that works for you need to check on your applications’ specific requirements.

The various flow meters include the insertion of this flow meter, the inline flow meter, and the low-flow meter. If you want to choose the best, you need to deduce that you’ll need a broad pipe application, an application that requires high flow rates or accuracy, and a low flow application. Thus, you’ll get to pick out one that suits your immediate need.

The fascinating benefits of the flow meter

benefits of the flow meterIf you’re skeptical about this process, you stand to lose out on the great benefits this flow meter can offer you. When you have this flow meter installed, you get to enjoy having a bidirectional measurement. There’s also the advantage of self-checking the equipment. It’s often a stable and quite reliable instrument with controlled noise to maximize productivity. It gets made to last a longer life-time. Thus, you can be sure of minimal downtime and extra maintenance cost when the work is running.

It’s also a piece of equipment that hardly has any moving parts. It thus makes it quite different compared to a positive displacement flowmeter or a turbine. Any device with moving parts is a great candidate for wear and tear, making it less reliable. However, with this flowmeter, you don’t have to worry about all that as the flow tubes are highly tested, durable, and have minimal degrading chances.

Suppose you’re looking for a sophisticated, reliable, and stable flowmeter for your slurry solution; you need to think about a magnetic flowmeter. These flowmeters are becoming popular by the minute and will soon replace the older antiquated measurement devices which have outlived their purpose. These instruments bring a new era to water processing and the paper pulping industries. Get yours today and witness the remarkable change, reduced cost, and increased reliability like never before.

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