Five most amazing DIY systems that produce biofuel from algae

It is not new to generate biofuel from algae, but experiencing the process yourself is amazing. There are various DIY systems individual researchers and professional groups have created to produce biofuel from algae. Check out some of the most amazing DIY systems that anybody can easily use to produce biofuel.


  • Algae bioreactor from recycled water bottles: Though several researchers have created bioreactors in the past, this DIY system uses recycled plastic bottles to be developed. That is the eco factor involved in this biofuel production system. This photo-bioreactor converts carbon dioxide and sunlight into algae biomass using algae. This algae biomass is extracted to develop carbon-neutral biofuel that is the energy to be used in various applications. Thus, it is a green way to produce biofuel.
  • Solar-powered algae bioreactor: Here is another type of system that uses a small aquarium air pump powered by sunlight. The pump keeps aerating the water inside a large water bottle of about five gallons. When there is no sunlight, the pump is run by rechargeable batteries. After a few days, the water is seen to get cloudy indicating the growth of algae.


  • Algae biofuel lab: This lab has been created by a teenager in her own bedroom in which she uses a large cylinder container with properly selected algae to create a higher content of oil. This further creates biofuel at a much cheaper price and faster than the average creation time. This system uses herbicides to kill oil-producing algae cells that have low enzyme levels. This only leaves the high-yield cells for producing oil.
  • Bioreactor for bioluminescent algae: This bioreactor is actually a photo-bioreactor that uses organisms to create energy using photosynthesis. These organisms are actually bioluminescent algae. There is a use of laser-cut acrylic, basic aquarium supplies and recycled plastic water bottles to create this whole system. Through laser cutting, the base and rib support structure is first constructed in which recycled bottles are added. Then, the algae is added to this system and bottles are sterilized. This is another green way to grow algae.


  • Algae bioreactor from PVC pipes: This algae photo-bioreactor is developed using PVC pipes. An aquarium bubbler is used to aerate the water inside the system in which a cultural medium mix is prepared. A fluorescent light is used in parallel with the array to expose the algae to lighting.

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