Escale Concept: A compact yet attractive vehicle

Escale concept would be a useful inclusion in the family of compact and eco-friendly vehicles. The idea is very simple that is to use maximum space inside and a closed and firm body outside. The design of the vehicle, as described by the manufacturer, is timeless and neutral. Escale concept will be manufactured for all the on road and off road experiences. One can drive away an Escale with friends to enjoy sunshine and also to enjoy wind anywhere. The idea of the vehicle is such that it would be manufactured with a cutting-edge technology. The designer is expected to take a lot of care about the vehicle’s user-friendly features with his creative mind. Let’s know more about what all this vehicle offers.

Escale Concept

1. Safety and security:

Escale is going to be a modest and frugal car. The concept design is about to be created keeping in mind for safety and security of its owner. Escale will be powered by an electric engine. This engine is will be environment friendly and will be placed between the rear wheels. At the same time, other comfort and feature levels are expected to come according to the concept. The wheels and body structure will be provided to travel as an all terrain vehicle. The vehicle is going to be a perfect one to drive out in a sunny and lovely day.

2. Interiors:

Its interior is to be fabricated with maximum space while driving and sitting. Essential things can be kept on spacious dashboard. At the same time, interior back space behind seats will be provided to keep other belongings also. So, there would be so much of space to keep things and so much space to enjoy. Behind the rear seats, a safe trunk is to be preserved to store any worth item.

3. Exteriors:

The vehicle’s exterior design concept is to be manufactured, enforcing the same spirit forth, that is, to acquire a perfect flat shape. This fully flat shape of Escale will become beneficial for the owner. An owner of the vehicle would be able to stick any customized sticker to give a new look and recognition to his or her vehicle. This flat body of the vehicle will also provide opportunity to stick customized images.

4. A futuristic concept:

Escale’s concept is a futuristic one with so many user-friendly features to be installed. The owner would be able to play a song in full volume with a powerful music system. At the same time, battery chargers will be attached with every seat to charge mobile phones and similar items. This would be done by an electrical system before each rider’s seat.

5. Emergency box:

Escale’s concept has an option to go along with a front storage emergency box also. This emergency box would be an ideal to keep emergency kit especially medical kit and some other essential tools. Escale will also bear options to open and upgrade for a second sunroof, double footsteps and both sides transparent doors.

The concept of Escale vehicle would soon get practical shape in near future. The project to manufacture Escale in large-scale has already gained license. This contrive would go under United States License for Non Commercial Vehicle Alike 3.0.

Via: Local Motors

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