Environmental issues that can change the world by 2030

Various environmental activists, scientists and researchers who have been paying close attention the different changes of the environment have always pointed out about the various challenges and dangers that humankind might face. Every year, not only is the environment deteriorating at a drastic level, however, there are also various other challenges that are propping up due to the constant change and damage caused to the environment.

Global warming has always been on top of the list. In fact there are various studies and qualitative academic paper writing that not only highlight the various challenges that we as human face, however, it also points out on the different factors and threats that other life forms face due to the damages caused on the environment. Let us look at some of the predictions pertaining to the environment issues that experts have made.

The warning by David Auerbach – a scientist writer and Engineer

David Auerbach predicts that due to the global warming and climatic changes, there is a possibility that humans may not survive long enough to see the next century. His predictions used the example of the Easter Island inhabitants who met a deadly fate of extinction because they used up all the natural resources that they had. He further went on to state that even the reduction of emissions will not help us since the damage on the environment is so big that it can take a very long time and efforts to even get close to the original scenario.

Frank Fenner ‘s predictions about the environment

Fran k Fenner is an Australian microbiologist who has been studying the various aspects of environmental damage. As per his predictions, the worsening climate change and declining water and food availability is pushing humankind towards its impending doom. He stated that, after 2100, the days of the human race are numbered. He also predicted apocalypse in 2012.

Here is what Michel Tobis has to say in his predictions

Blogger, activist and scientist Michael Tobis equally had a lot to share. Over the years that he has been looking into the various factors of environmental issues, there were a lot that he highlighted. A lot of people say that his predictions are philosophical. Well, you can’t call them philosophical, but nevertheless, they are worth reading. One such prediction that he made was pertaining to the fact that very soon natural seafood will cease to exist. Instead, people will start eating seafood through seafood farming.  Along with that, he also mentioned that the concentration of CO2 would accelerate and not rise. This is something that we all would really need to watch out for. If you take, a look at the comparison levels of CO2 from the 1950’s it was around 0.75 ppm per year, however just in the span of 15 years, the figures have increased to 2.25ppm.

Some other predictions made pertaining to the environmental issues

Malnutrition, heat stress, diarrheal disease and malaria will be the prime reasons for most deaths. By 2050, In India alone, as per the predictions made by University of Oxford, the number of deaths in the country will touch around 130,000.

In China and India collectively, every year an average of 7 million people die due to diseases like stroke and lung cancer caused by air pollution. Furthermore, the statics point that out of these total deaths, around 1.59 million will be from India.

In the next 95 years, it is reported that there will be a rise in the sea levels, which will be more than 1m. Along with that even a 2C rise in temperature is predicted which will also be cause for the rising sea levels.  This is a risk not just to the environment but also to humans in many ways.

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