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Electric Transportation is Our Definite Future

Electric Transportation

With the rapid evolution in technology, every aspect of life is overshadowing the legacy practices. Same is the case with transportation, which has advanced drastically over the years and a lot is anticipated in the next few years. Considering the downside of diesel and petrol to the environment, an alternate fuel source for transportation was long due.

Richard Branson, the renowned business magnate is quite instrumental in the transportation industry. His recent claims regarding the future of transportation seems very legitimate. He says that the word would not see cars driven on petrol or diesel in the next 2 decades. Electrical engines definitely looks like the future behind this thought.


Electric CarsRange is the main area of concern for electric cars. However,Tesla with its Model S promises to give an impressive runtime of 393 miles on a single charge. If this is the longest range for an electric car now, then the future of electric vehicles is definitely bright. For short range electric cars, program toinstall thousands of charging points all around UK is already underway. The idea is not just to have a better environment, but the electric transportation is expected to add an anticipated $7.6 trillion by the year 2050.


Nothing could replace the importance of buses in any society, but the source fuel source definitely has a greener alternative. Electric bus manufacturer from China along with its British partner hasrevealed the 0-emission electric bus, which hopefully will curtail pollution concerns. Although, the initiative taken is very much in its early days, but the future definitely looks greener.


electric bike Bike culture is propelling very swiftly all-around UK, Europe and the Western countries. It is one of the most affordable options to commute and also to beat traffic. An electric bike might add to the cost, but will provide good return for your money. The most innovative ebike designs allows you to travel over 100 miles, without pedaling even once. All this comes with a motor of 500 Watts. On the flipside, charging such a bike could take anywhere between 4 to 5 hours. You can roughly think about a quality electric bike in the range of $6000 to $7000, but this price would definitely come down in the future.

Scooters and Skateboards

Coming down to the granular level of transportation, even the commute options such as scooters and skateboards are coming with electric source option. Many popular scooter brands have gone electric already, which the kids and teenagers are already benefiting from. Moreover, the skateboards are upgraded on the same lines which is being well received by the skateboard enthusiasts.

Final Verdict

The way different commute options are going electric and well received by commuters, the future definitely looks to be on electric transportation source only. Just as petrol/ diesel sourced engines will gradually be taken over by electric engines, the fuel stations would get replaced by electric charging points for vehicles. Things are evolving in the right direction and complete takeover of electric transportation is anticipated in the next 20 years.

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