Ecofoot 2 – the new generation flat-roof mounting system

Ecolibrium Solar has brought about a revolution in the flat-roof mounting industry by introducing Ecofoot 2, an advanced modular system which brings to its users the combined benefits of polymer and integrated grounding and wire management which makes the job of installing just about anything on your roof easier by leaps and bounds!

Recent Usage:

Of the various projects that Ecofoot has been a part of, the one that is worth mentioning is installation of a 127.5kW solar PV system on two rooftops of the Clarion Hotel in El Centro California. Ecofoot 2 was chosen by Soorya Unlimited for this project because of the ease of use and cost effectiveness that it offered. About five hundred panels were installed in just a week – all thanks to Ecofoot 2!

Why must one go for Ecofoot 2?

Ecofoot 2 is a new generation mounting system and its various features have been designed with the specific aim of reducing hassles while making any kind of installations on a roof.

The exciting design features of Ecofoot 2:

  • Ecofoot 2 has built-in water channels which deal with the problem of drainage. The column structure of this modular system brings down the ballast weight requirement to a great extent and allows this system to support the installations through wind loads and difficult weather conditions!
  • Ecofoot 2 is made of rubber and a green industrial grade polymer that brings down the harm that is inflicted upon the roof due to corrosion. This feature also eliminates the need of grounding completely making it the perfect choice for the ones who want to avoid roof penetrations.
  • Ecofoot 2 is made of materials that are perfectly recyclable. Hence opting for Ecofoot can be a tiny part of your green initiatives.

Other benefits:

  • Ecofoot 2 has low parts count and comes with just one main component which greatly speeds up the process of installation!
  • Ecofoot 2 is extremely cost-effective! It offers the lowest cost per watt because of its easy installation and low parts count. Besides, by introducing wire management and integrated grounding into the process of flat roof installations, Ecofoot 2 totally does away with the expense of hardware racking.
  • The best thing about Ecofoot 2 is that it is compatible with almost all types of roofs!
  • Ecofoot 2 comes with a warranty of twenty-five years, making it a mounting system that you can place your trust in!
  • Ecofoot 2 has a portable structure which makes for easy shipping and handling!

Owing to its various features and benefits, Ecofoot 2 is a great choice over traditional racking systems!

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