Eco Tech: World’s largest electric car recharging infrastructure to be built down under

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EcoFactor: The world’s largest electric car recharging setup to be built in Australia at the cost of A$1 billion.

We all know that electric cars are the future of motoring. But driving an electric car is not as easy as a gasoline counterpart because of the unavailability of charging stations. The Australian government is all set to clear all problems that come along with electric cars with one of the world’s largest electric car recharging infrastructures.

The A$1 billion initiative would see the establishment of over two million recharging stations, all powered by renewable energy and about 500 battery swap stations, for those who cannot wait for hours to recharge their car. This whopping number of recharging stations will be built by Shai Agassi’s Project Better Place, with financial help from Macqurie Capital Group. Renewable electricity to these two million recharging stations will be provided by Australian energy giant AGL Energy.

The Victoria State Government backed project is scheduled to be completed by 2012. By this time EV charging stations would have been built across the densely populated east coast, as well as in Perth.

The Dark Side:

We really compliment the Australian government for funding a project as eco-healthy as this. Considering the bad performance of some electric cars, we have to say that car manufacturers would have to work a bit harder to make their cars travel farther at greater speeds, so that Australians don’t spend the most of their day at these EV recharging stations.

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