Eco Architecture: ERS – Sustainable shelter salvaged from recycled materials

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EcoFactor: Solar powered shelter made from re-purposed FEMA-style trailer.

After the folding bamboo house made to provide shelter after an earthquake destroys our apartments, here is another design that aims to provide relief in case another hurricane like Katrina again throws life out of gear. Designed by Paul Villinski, Emergency Response Studio is a solar powered, mobile artist’s studio that has been designed to enable artists to concentrate in post-disaster settings.

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The ERS has been created from re-purposed and sustainable materials such as recycled denim insulation, CFL lighting, reclaimed wood flooring and bamboo cabinets. The design also solves environmental issues by keeping your carbon footprint as low as possible. Though the original design has been made keeping an artist’s requirements in mind, some simple modifications can also enable this house to be used as a temporary relief shelter.

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To keep the electronics of the studio running, the designer has made use of a 1.6 kilowatt solar panel system and a micro-wind turbine atop a 40-foot high aluminum mast. These sources transmit power to eight large batteries which are concealed below the flooring.

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The Dark Side:

The sustainability and the low carbon footprint of the entire design leave nothing for us to comment upon.

Via: Core 77

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